The Creators

Will Worthington has been a working artist his entire life.  He started out in advertising, and for the last two decades has worked on a number of popular tarot and oracle decks, such as the DruidCraft Tarot, Plant Oracle, and Animal Oracle, the Wildwood Tarot and the most recently released: the Camelot Oracle.

Will has a number of affordable prints available in his webshop, and his decks can be bought from most on-line retailers.  You can also buy some of them directly from the artist by visiting Will's website here.  And to keep up-to-date with his iPhone apps, art exhibitions and other news, find Will on Facebook here.

Chloë has worked as a professional tarot and oracle reader since 2006, including working for a psychic hotline, and carrying out readings face-to-face and by email.  She has also been blogging on the subject since 2010.  Chloë teaches workshops on both Tarot and Lenormand topics, and is the author of the Celtic Lenormand, with artwork by Will Worthington, published by U.S. Games.  Chloë holds a Masters in Social Anthropology and a P.G. Dip. in Psychotherapy and Counselling.   She brings these perspectives to bear in both her teaching and readings. 

You can find Chloë at


  1. Greetings! Is the black & white sketch version available?

  2. Hi Kerstin,
    I'm afraid the sketches were literally just work-in-progress items, some with more detail, others with a lot less. The deck will only be issued in colour.
    Best, Chloë

  3. Ok, thank you x


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