Learn Lenormand

Learn Lenormand with the creator of the Celtic Lenormand

In these twelve videos, totalling over four hours of material, you'll find questions to inspire your own understanding.  There are also exercises and practice readings to cement your learning, and to expand your Lenormand vocabulary, as well as triggering your Lenormand intuition.

The videos are:
The Rider to the Clouds
The Snake to the Birds
The Child to the Dog
The Tower to the Heart
The Ring to the Lilies
The Sun to the Cross
Directionality, Blending Cards and Making Sentences
Intuition in Lenormand Readings
The Nine Square
Other Spreads and Throws
Playing Card Inserts

Find the complete playlist on YouTube here.

You can download the free accompanying pdf's with all the slides, exercises, sample readings and tables here.

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