About The Deck

This is a 45-card, pagan-themed Lenormand deck.  Combining the nature-based focus of pagan beliefs with the recent popularity of the Lenormand deck, these cards are located in the landscape of Brittany, in the North of France.  

This area was populated by Celts for over five hundred years, and is still considered one of the six surviving Celtic nations, bringing authenticity to this depiction.  It also connects the deck with the more modern, French Lenormand tradition.

The 36-card structure has been maintained in the numbering of the images.  In this way, the deck can be used as a traditional Lenormand Oracle.  However, nine additional cards have been created.  These offer same-sex gender combinations and gender balance to the “people” cards.  They also bring a tripartite aspect of the Goddess and a dual aspect of the God into the cards.  The deck is designed to offer symbolism and interpretations based on the phases of the moon, the elements, and the Wheel of the Year. 

In the 36-card form, the deck can be read following any of the common Lenormand systems.  It can also be read to incorporate the aspects of the Goddess and God, the moon phases, the elements and the Wheel of the Year interpretations.  Or else you can add in as many of the extra cards as you like for additional possibilities and understandings.