Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Here Comes The Sun!

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Welcome to another Tarot Blog Hop!  Our wrangler this time around, Morgan Drake Eckstein, set the topic on which all of us hoppers will write as follows: Junk Mail Tarot, a "Tarot art project for non-artists."

We were tasked with creating a tarot card from other bits and bobs, in whatever medium.  And I thought, well, an art project for non-artists, I sure fit the bill ;)

What card to create, though, and how, given my lack of artistic skills?

The first thing that sprang to my mind was the Sun card.  After all, we are at the summer solstice (in this hemisphere at least), the time when the sun shines for the longest number of hours in the year.  Traditionally, it is a time of warmth and energy, the beginning of summer, a time for joy and playfulness before the harvest must be brought in.

And like an inverse of Edmund Zebrowski's Pixie's Astounding Lenormand (U.S. Games, 2015), which used elements of the Pixie Colman Smith's artwork to create a Lenormand deck, I decided to make a tarot card out of elements of the images from the Celtic Lenormand :D

I was guided both by imagery which would fit (thinking of the Thoth Sun card) and by the meanings of the Lenormand cards.  So, I melded both Child cards (the Boy and the Girl), for innocence and new beginnings, with the Flowers, for creativity and beauty, and the Sun card, for energy and joy.

Hope you like my Sun card, and enjoy hopping around to see what my fellow tarot bloggers have come up with!

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

What Does Success Look Like?

We all have different things going on in our lives, different notions of success.  And yet, one of the beauties of spells is that they can speak to many different desires.

Take the spell above.  I created it because I have a contract to sign this week.  It's a big contract, important to my future, and I want it to be a positive force in my life.  Combining documents, commitment, and success (Letter, Ring, Sun) seemed like a way to keep it simple and express exactly what I am working towards.

Keeping it simple is actually another part of what I want for this contract.  Not always easy when lawyers get involved!

And yet, despite its simplicity, or perhaps because of it, this spell can be used for so many situations: buying a home (you could add in the House); signing a new work contract (add the Anchor, or your preferred work card); journaling; tracking a daily commitment like exercise (add the Rider or the Birch Rods); writing a letter of intent; renting a car (add in the Ship); it could even be used by a writer to help them with something like NaNoWriMo, where they commit to writing a certain word count every day!

How about you?  Do you have something you want to commit to in writing?  A spell like this could help you keep on track or help remind you to negotiate the best possible deal :)