Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A Lenormand Spell For Integration

Within the tarot, many writers see integration - the balancing of different aspects of self and/or the alchemical marriage - in pretty much every card of the Majors, if not the whole deck.  But what of Lenormand?  

Clearly, in the Lenormand system there aren't loads of esoteric connections and so forth.  Nor are there lots of different people and symbols on the cards to become integrated with one another, like on the Lovers, the Devil, or even with the pillars of the High Priestess, the Hierophant, Justice and the Moon.  However, integration is still a fundamental need for many people in our modern, fragmented world. 

Any yet, I love using Lenormand cards for spell work, and that can often be about having to integrate different aspects of life and self.  So, what to do?

For me, the answer is the Lily card.  Keywords here include purity and sexuality, innocence and maturity.  It is a card of finding harmonious balance.

You can think about what elements of your life you want to balance at this time, and place the corresponding cards around the Lily card.  For instance, the layout to the right is to integrate work life (Anchor) and family life (House), well-being (Tree) and energy (Sun). 

Of course, you can pick whatever cards feel most relevant to you at this time, whatever you want to integrate.

A beautiful part of Lenormand spells is that they can always be read several ways.  Here, I also see a message that stabilising my energy will bring me healing of family troubles.  That's something else I could well do with, both at a physical and emotional level. 

At a physical level, my toddler has done me an injury, and I need to be careful about how I interact with him while I heal.  At an emotional level, my partner and I have a big change on the horizon, which while joyful could also be a bit destabilising.

What aspects of your life would you like to bring into a more harmonious balance right now?  And, once you've chosen those, what other messages might you find in your spell...

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Reading the Future in a Grand Tableau

Some people suggest that everything in a Grand Tableau represents the current situation, and where things are moving to over the "reasonable" timeframe you set for such a reading (say 3-6 months).  This is generally my favourite way of approaching a Grand Tableau, given that my readings aim more at empowerment than at fortune telling.

Another very traditional approach that I learned when I was first starting out with Lenormand was that all the columns "in front" of the person card represent the future.  Equally, all the columns "behind" them would then represent the past.  Most often, in front is seen as reading to the right.  However, because some of the people cards face different directions, many readers will choose the direction the Lady/Woman or Lord/Man is facing to define what counts as "in front".  For example, in the image below I have left clear the columns that are "in front" of the Woman.

A different approach I was recently introduced to struck me as quite interesting, too.  In this way of reading, you normally treat the cards laid out before you reach the person card as being the past, and the cards laid out after them as the future.  So, laying out the cards in lines, all the rows before you get to the person card will be the past, all the rows after (below) the person card will be the future.  Equally, this can be turned around depending on the direction the person card is facing.  For the GT used here as an example, that would mean that the future for the woman would be just the cards shown below:

For the Man, though, his future would be all the cards in the clear here:

Obviously, these different approaches can give quite different results!  For example, in the GT shown next, applying the "traditional approach" would give an equal distribution of past and future to read for the Lady.  On the other hand, applying the second approach would give an almost entirely past-oriented reading, with only the final four cards as her future...

As with any technique, it may be useful in some readings, not in others.

What reasons can you think of to prefer one approach to the other?  What are the situations in which one might give more useful information than the other?  Or is it just a case of doing what you were first taught...

Sunday, 1 May 2016

What Gifts May Flowers Bring

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Karen Sealey is a playful person and for this hop asked us to think about May and let that take us where it may.  I imagine we'll see a fascinating variety of approaches and takes as we hop around what this global community of bloggers makes of that!

For myself, thinking about the Celtic Lenormand and Beltane always brings the Flowers card to mind.  It's the card that seemed most appropriate to represent this turn of the Wheel of the Year.  It shows the beautiful blooms we find (at least in this part of the world) in May.  And it's also one of the most lovely cards in the deck, indicating gifts, invitations, beauty and creativity.

All this got me thinking about what gifts we are offered now.  So, I threw a Grand Tableau with that in mind.

Looking at the cards around the Flowers, we have the Anchor, the Dog, the Snake, the Ring, the Cross, the Tree, the Rider and the Coffin.  That leads me to the following questions to help think about the gifts life is offering right now:

What in your life provides you with stability?

Who can you depend on?

What boundaries help you maintain your sense of self?

What commitments bring you joy?

What life lesson/s do you feel you are finally mastering?

What aspects of your health do you give thanks for?

What messages is the universe sending you?

What ending are you currently grateful for?

Another technique, which I used last week, is to get a "final message" around a subject by counting around the Grand Tableau.  This isn't restricted to the "significator" cards, but can be used from any card of interest.  If you start at the card before the card you're interested in, and count around 7 each time, you end up with a line of five.  For the Flowers, that gives us:

Lady, Ship, Mice, Dog, Bear: A final message around the gifts life is currently offering is that nostalgic passivity undermines resourceful dependability.  If you want to make the most of what is being offered, you need to look to the future, be active and resourceful, and keep on with things even if the going is not always simple.

Now, I wonder what other gifts this blog hop will offer us...

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