Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Super New Moon in Aries Spell

Tomorrow, there is a Super New Moon (defined as when the moon comes closer than normal to the earth) in Aries.  The new moon is a great time for making a fresh start, and Aries is a fiery sign full of courage, independence, optimism, and enthusiasm. 

That makes this a perfect time for a spell about making choices to get up and go, fulfill your spiritual and creative plans, and be more daring.  I decided to design a spell with that in mind!

The Stars at the centre represents the New Moon, as well as clarity, spirituality and making a plan.  The Paths is for choices, the Tree for health and growth, the Sun for energy and success, the Flowers for creativity, the Storks for progress and change, the Rider for movement and sociability, the Clover for optimism and luck, and the Bear for being your own "boss" :D

You could start by laying the cards out in a special place, such as on your altar if you have one, or any dedicated space for messages from spirit. 

Light a candle - either red for the fire of Mars, or white for the purity of spirit, or black for the dark of the new moon - or all three ;) 

If you want crystals on your dedicated space, once again choose from red, black and white.  Moon stone is always appropriate when working with moon energy, and red stones connect with Mars, while black represents infinite possibilities.  Or go with whatever most speaks to you.

Sit and gaze at the cards for a little while, filling your mind with your intent to use this energy.  You could imagine the changes that you want to make, the choices that lie ahead of you, how you will feel when socialising or taking charge of whatever you set your mind to.  Then, say some words.  

You could say this spell, though finding your own words (whether rhyming or not) is always good:

With the coming of this New Moon, I:
Choose health, growth and the energy of the sun in the sky.
Creative clarity brings progress: flying high.
Optimism and sociability make me the boss in all I try!
As I will so mote it be

As with all magic, intention is key.  So, if there are different cards that call to you, other words that feel more appropriate, or whatever, follow your heart. 

Wishing you all a blessed New Moon )O(


  1. Next week I am going to try if fitness is something for me. So I like this spell a lot. Especially since the bear is also a card for losing weight.:)

    1. Yes, it's great how multi-purpose the cards can be :)

  2. Thank you Chloe, I will sit with this tonight X

    1. I hope it brought you something good, Karen :)


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