Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Hidden Motives and Messages

Following on from the Learn Lenormand training going up online, I've had some questions about knighting and other 'advanced' techniques.  This week, I give thanks to a client for permission to demonstrate a couple of techniques used in her reading.  I won't go into the whole reading, just wanting to flag up a couple of ways of getting extra information from the cards.  We threw a GT, and the result is shown below:

Knighting - looking at motivation

One of the things that the client wanted to look at was the question of underlying motives, her own for the most part.  The knighting cards can give information on this, and were quite enlightening.

For one thing, the Lord and Lady cards knight to one another.  Part of the reading was looking at her new relationship with a man she has known for decades.  I suggested she might have had her eye on this man for quite some time, and she agreed that she had always thought him attractive, though while she was married it hadn't been a consideration (she was widowed fairly recently).

The other cards the Lady knights to are: the Ship, the House, the Moon, the Fish, the Lord and the Paths.

The Ship and the Paths on the same row suggests she is being motivated by a choice she has to make regarding a new venture, and that there may be some nostalgia involved in that decision.  This is the case, as she is deciding whether or not to go ahead with a big project she and her husband had talked about a lot before he died.  Between the Lord and the Lady, the Scythe and the Hill Fort (Tower) suggest the need to cut institutional ties.  This is something that has been making their relationship more difficult - they both work for big public institutions in their local area.  She has been considering resigning.  The cards point out that not only does the job get in the way of her relationship, but that she also has this other venture that she hasn't yet spoken about, but feels quite passionate about.  Recognising this was helpful for her.

The House and the Lord point to some concerns over how her family will look on this new relationship (she has grown kids).  That matches the fact that she has been trying to figure out how to tell them about it (they live quite far away).  The Letter and the Meadow (Garden) next to the Lady (and between her and the Lord) suggest that writing a letter to "go public" with the relationship might work well.

The Moon and the Fish made me ask if she has a particular reputation with money.  She seemed uncertain about this, but said she had married into money.  She is unsure what her new partner thinks of this, and it does worry her somewhat.  She is also personally worried, because if she remarries it may affect her pension, and if she is to retire from work that will affect her finances too (Mice are in the House of Fish).

Some people prefer the 8x4+4 layout of the Grand Tableau, and one reason for that is the 'destiny line' at the bottom.  However, another way to get a final message is to count around the GT, taking every seventh card, starting from the card before the subject you're interested in.  We did this, starting from the card just before the Lady herself.  The line that came up is shown here:

Book, Mountain, Storks, Scythe, Flowers:  Secrets block change, make a creative cut/shocking invitation.  

The client agreed that she has been stressed about keeping her intention to retire a secret, and about not knowing precisely where she stands with this new man and how her family will respond to the relationship. 

She said that writing a letter to invite her kids over to actually meet him (looking back at the Meadow, which can also represent hospitality), and telling them then might work well.  They might be surprised by the invitation, but she felt that would be better than the shock of spilling all over such an impersonal medium. 

She also said that she definitely wants to leave her institutional job, to do something that feels more creative.  She wondered whether she could do something creative or organise an event as part of her goodbye.

Next week's post will also be on reading Grand Tableaux.  It will be out on Sunday, 1st May, as part of the Tarot Blog Hop.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Transformation Time?

Having just opened up a free Learn Lenormand online resource, I have had many people tell me they feel nervous around larger Lenormand spreads, especially the Grand Tableau.  While I plan to focus more on the Grand Tableau a little down the line, my two main responses to this are:

a) You don't have to read the Grand Tableau, or even a Nine Square, if you don't want to!

You can get really helpful answers from just a three or five card line.  If that's what you want to do or feel comfortable with, that's fine.  I sure don't have time to throw a GT everyday, either, so for my daily draw I normally stick to three cards :)

b) It can be helpful to work your way up to the bigger spreads.  That's why I've posted a lot of Nine Square readings, and for those that want to go a bit bigger yet, I recommend the 5x3, an example of which you'll find below...

I asked about something I have been working on for a while, which I would like to focus on more now that I have finally finished the Learn Lenormand training.

At the centre of the spread is the Shedding Snake - oh yes, this is about transformation and helping people to shed their old self!  And I might need to do that, too, in order to make it happen.

Looking at the corners, Key, Scythe, Flowers and Holly: insightful sorting leads to creative growth.

Looks like I still need to do some clarifying around exactly what to put out there and how.  This is a long term project, so there's time to be creative and let things grow as they need to.

Treating the columns in a past-future flow:

Key, House, Flowers - part of that sorting is recognising where my creative comfort zone is.

Storks, Birch Rods (Whips), Dog - progress required faithfully clearing out what wasn't working, no matter how painful that process.

(Oak) Tree, (Shedding) Snake, Woman - now, I'm in a process of transformation that holds a lot of growth potential, but which may take some time.

Letter, Moon, Girl - moving forward, I need to do some journalling/list-making to figure out the new way to present this.

(Holly) Tree, Ship, Scythe - a harvest in this venture may take a while to come, I need to cut the nostalgia in favour of growth.

Looking at the rows as thoughts, situation and actions, and combining cards through mirroring as well as side-by-side connections:

Key, Storks, Oak, Letter, Holly - changing insights bring growthful progress needing written roots for long-term evidence.  My thoughts are in flux, which is why there's a need for me to write things down, both to root out what I'm really getting at, and to get longer-term insight.

House, Birch Rods, Shedding Snake, Moon, Ship - cleaning house is a transformative process that brings new recognition to this venture.

Flowers, Dog, Woman, Girl, Scythe - invite the faithful to enjoy this new harvest.  Edit creatively with the help of new friends.

These suggestions for actions to take both make sense to me.  On the one hand, make an offer to my list, those people who I have connected with already.  And on the other, I'm doing a "business challenge" this week, organised by Amethyst Mahoney, that is giving me the space to figure out what I need to cut out, what I need to change, to make this project more viable.

Obviously, there is more that could be mined from this spread.  For now, though, I think there's plenty for me to think about and work on...

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Super New Moon in Aries Spell

Tomorrow, there is a Super New Moon (defined as when the moon comes closer than normal to the earth) in Aries.  The new moon is a great time for making a fresh start, and Aries is a fiery sign full of courage, independence, optimism, and enthusiasm. 

That makes this a perfect time for a spell about making choices to get up and go, fulfill your spiritual and creative plans, and be more daring.  I decided to design a spell with that in mind!

The Stars at the centre represents the New Moon, as well as clarity, spirituality and making a plan.  The Paths is for choices, the Tree for health and growth, the Sun for energy and success, the Flowers for creativity, the Storks for progress and change, the Rider for movement and sociability, the Clover for optimism and luck, and the Bear for being your own "boss" :D

You could start by laying the cards out in a special place, such as on your altar if you have one, or any dedicated space for messages from spirit. 

Light a candle - either red for the fire of Mars, or white for the purity of spirit, or black for the dark of the new moon - or all three ;) 

If you want crystals on your dedicated space, once again choose from red, black and white.  Moon stone is always appropriate when working with moon energy, and red stones connect with Mars, while black represents infinite possibilities.  Or go with whatever most speaks to you.

Sit and gaze at the cards for a little while, filling your mind with your intent to use this energy.  You could imagine the changes that you want to make, the choices that lie ahead of you, how you will feel when socialising or taking charge of whatever you set your mind to.  Then, say some words.  

You could say this spell, though finding your own words (whether rhyming or not) is always good:

With the coming of this New Moon, I:
Choose health, growth and the energy of the sun in the sky.
Creative clarity brings progress: flying high.
Optimism and sociability make me the boss in all I try!
As I will so mote it be

As with all magic, intention is key.  So, if there are different cards that call to you, other words that feel more appropriate, or whatever, follow your heart. 

Wishing you all a blessed New Moon )O(