Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Which Way To Turn?

Decisions come up in our lives all the time.  From the biggies - marriage, kids, career change, relocation - to the everyday - what to wear, what to eat, what to write in your Facebook status :D  The Paths Spread, based on the Paths card, and found in the Celtic Lenormand companion booklet, page 179, is a good one for choices: big, small, and anything in between.

The decision here is around marketing strategies for a particular service.  For each spread position, I drew two cards:

Where you are right now on the path: Birch Rods, Child - repetition, something new

Yes, this rings true.  I keep trying new things, but without much obvious success.  Sometimes it feels like I'm whipping myself into a frenzy, or perhaps beating a dead horse, and it may be that I am a little naive when it comes to marketing...

The wisdom being offered: Anchor, Ring - work, commitment

There's a need here to commit to a single path and see it through.  A need to work in a more consistent and committed way, rather than chopping and changing.  Ack, as a double Gemini, chopping and changing is both my greatest strength (adaptability), and my greatest weakness (lack of follow-through).  I often worry about beating a dead horse, but it could also be that I just need to stick with something, and wait for it to bear fruit.  Wait - now there's a four-letter word!

Obstacles you may face: Fish, Chickens - money, communication

Ha, communicating about the price of the service is definitely a problem.  Doesn't help that I keep changing my mind about that myself!  And that I'm getting very mixed messages from different marketing 'gurus': 'charge what you feel comfortable with'; 'charge what you're worth' (according to whom?); 'put your prices up - otherwise people won't value your service'; 'go for fewer clients who are willing to pay more' (but what about my pre-existing clients who aren't that flush, but who are my tribe?).  Yeah, I hate thinking about money, and I hate charging it almost as much.  A definite inner block there.

Best way forward: Scythe, Fox - sorting, strategy

Okay, I can get behind this.  I need to think strategically about an 'ideal target market'.  Back to the double Gemini thing, and I can see the usefulness of this service to pretty much anyone.  But I can't market to pretty much everyone, at least not effectively.  So, it's time to cut down my target market, even more than I already have.  And perhaps to change the emphasis of that marketing, in a way that fits other people better.  I have to appeal to their instincts and strategies, rather than following my own.  I need to figure out what 'makes the cut' in their world.

Funnily enough, the obstacles cards also gave me another idea about who might be my ideal target market.  Something to ponder...


  1. A very clear and helpful reading Chloe!
    "wait for it to bear fruit."I can relate to this. It is so hard to be patient when you want so much to happen Now or rather yesterday! :D
    Good luck with finding your personal tailor-made strategy.

    1. It was helpful, Ellen, even if, as you say, we so often want things Now! :D


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