Sunday, 20 March 2016

Money In The Cards

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When Ania asked us to talk about finances in the cards, it got me thinking about our relationship with money.  This isn't just random philosophising (or perhaps it is), but rather connects both to how money appears in the Lenormand deck, and to something I read recently about investing or spending money.

The two main cards that can be seen as talking about money are:

The Fish

Stands for the flow of money, spending, everyday finances, shopping, the small amounts that come in and out of your life on a regular basis.

The Bear

Represents using your resources wisely, investing, making the most of what you have, managing your money, the richness and sweetness of life.

The piece that I read talked about spending money being a waste, that if you invested the same amount you'd be a millionaire.  Of course, there are a number of big problems with that thesis.  First off, you need to spend enough to live, which in this day and age doesn't always leave much over.  Secondly, investments don't always work out.  Thirdly, money (and multiplying it), isn't the only thing in life worth "investing" in.

On the first point, it just isn't possible to "invest" all your money.  We all need to eat, to have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and a way to get around (okay, some people can walk everywhere they need to get, but that's not realistic for everyone).  So, you need to spend money on the day to day of life, and for many that's pretty much all they have.

Secondly, there is no such thing as a sure thing.  There's a reason why investment firms have to post up provisos saying something along the lines of "past performance is no guarantee of future performance".  Just recently, the antiques market tanked, and people who had "invested" in a bunch of old furniture now just have some very expensive stuff to sit on!

As for the bit about money not being everything, I'll admit, I sometimes try to "justify" some of my spending as investing.  However, to be honest, I really don't need all the decks I have, even if I do work in the field of divination on a professional basis.  There are plenty of card readers who only use one or two decks, and I could blog in other ways than offering reviews of different decks each week.  Equally, not all (or even many) of the decks I buy are ever going to become collectors items worth lots of money.

But I love decks, I love variety, and I feel my life is richer and sweeter for having lots of decks in it :)

All that being said, I thought it might be worthwhile to consider the relationship each of us has to money.  One way to do that is to shuffle up your Lenormand deck, and then look through to find the Fish and the Bear.  Take the two cards to either side of each of them, and you have two lines of five to express your relationship to these two different ways of looking at money...

Here are my lines:

Fish: Flowers, Stars, Fish, Birch Rods (Whips), Paths

I spend money on gifts and on spiritual items of beauty (decks!).  This spending also allows me to connect with my creativity in a way that follows my plans and aspirations.  Still, I could do with a bit of a clear out.  In particular, it would help to make choices to clear away things that just cause arguments anyway :D

Bear: Chickens (Birds), Lord, Bear, Rider, Cross

Using my rational mind can help allay worries around money.  Sometimes, I feel overburdened with information - so many options, how to decide?  Still, there is a life lesson here about filtering information rationally, and using word-of-mouth sources (personal connections) to narrow down the overwhelm.

I really hope you'll use this idea to take a look at your own relationship to the concepts of spending and investing.  What do you think: are they all that different, and which is more important in your life?

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And if you'd like to explore your relationship with money in more depth, as well as having my help in creating a spell to improve it, I'm just a click away.

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  1. I love seeing the Fish in my Lenormand Readings :) always makes me smile.

  2. I've just tried this spread, Chloe, and am really struck by the cards that came up - made a lot of sense! Thanks for this.

  3. Interestingly, a "bear market" is one where stocks are in decline, so I suppose that investing (wisely) when prices are low and biding your time can be a good idea.

  4. sooooo, when are you having that clear-out missy?! *looks forward to spending some shekels*

    Beautiful cards in your deck, Chloe!

  5. This was a nice way to delve into the Lenormand and money. So clear!


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