Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Houses in a Line

This is a technique I demonstrated last year, but it's good to revisit such things, I think.  The basic idea is to take a line (in this case of three), and read it using houses to add an extra layer.  You can either take card one as House one, card two as House two, etc.  Or else, my preference, you add the card number to the position number, to come up with something different.

This reading is about a new, creative project I have been thinking about for the last ten days or so.  So, very early days, and what do the cards think about it?

Reading just the cards would give us: 

A spiritual project is new.   Clearing up mysteries through openness.

Adding in the layers of the Houses:

26 + 1 - 27 - Book, Letter
16 + 2 - 18 - Stars, Dog
13 + 3 - 16 - Child, Stars

A writing project requires clear dedication as part of a new plan.  Esoteric writing is part of my dedication to my spiritual beliefs, even when these are expressed in a new way.  Writing about the mysteries should be done in a way that is clear and approachable, done from a place of spiritual openness.

As you can see, this adds a whole new layer to the reading, and is a great way of practising using Houses.


  1. Do houses have the same effect on a card as a describing second card. So if you would pick two cards for each position would that work too?

    1. It's an interesting question, Ellen. There are some people who use slightly different meanings for the Houses than for the cards. Mostly, though, I would say yes, the house acts in the same way as a second describing card.

      In terms of picking two cards for each position, that could have a different effect. After all, with this system you can end up having the same "card" come up twice in a reading, as it did here. Or, if you use the card position as house number, you can also end up with a card falling in its own house, doubling its impact. In that way, it is different than drawing two cards from a single deck :)

    2. Thank you Chloe Two decks should be preferably then :)

    3. Yes, Ellen, Donnaleigh de la Rose describes what she calls Mobile houses, which uses 2 decks. But if you don't want to pull out two decks, this traditional way of doing it by just adding up numbers to "imagine" the second deck, saves time and hassle ;)


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