Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Eye On The Prize!

Kelly from The Truth In Story is running an instagram/Youtube challenge this month called #lenormarch.  I was rather tempted to join in, even though my Dear One is away this week, and we're off for a short break next week, and though I had promised myself to focus on another of my projects this month. 

As I generally do in such situations, I turned to the cards for advice.  Throwing down a Nine Square, one card jumped out as I shuffled: the Fox.  This looks like a good thing to do, joining in the fun with friends old and new.  Still, looks can be deceptive, and I need to work smart this month, using my skills and my time to best effect - got to keep my eye on the prize!

The Nine Square reinforced this message.  At the centre is the Ship - what is my life's journey about?  If the answer doesn't include a good reason to do the #lenormarch, then I shouldn't do it.

The corners clarify on this theme: Heart, Woman, Scythe, Flowers.  I should trust my intuitive emotions around this (my first thought when looking at the list of prompts was that this wasn't for me), and cut this invitation out of my month.  Sorting the wheat from the chaf, in terms of what to do, will allow my creativity fuller rein.

The central cross gives advice on action to take: Clouds, Man, Ship, House, Snake.  When uncertain about my actions, I should focus on business ventures close to home, and keep my boundaries clear. 

So, while I'll check in now and again to enjoy other people's posts, I won't be taking part.

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