Wednesday, 6 January 2016

An Alternate Reading

Last week, I did a reading using the 5 x 3 layout.  This week, here it is again, but with a different layout for interpreting it.  It was fascinating, as three alternate cards came up, and with really influential positioning!

I asked about a course that I am in the middle of, and how it will progress.  In this variant of the 5 x 3 spread, you read it as 3 nine squares, around cards 1, 2, and 3.  The nine square around card 1 indicates the past, around card 2 the present, and around card 3, the future.  In this case, I will be reading the nine squares using the corners/central cross method.

So, the first nine square around card one (the Holly Tree) is Anchor, Letter, Man, Heart, Woman, Moon, Holly (Tree), Cat (Dog), Hill Fort (Tower).  Written work must combine logic and love (Anchor, Letter, Man, Heart).  Yep, I've started work on an essay for this, and although the writing guidelines are very strict and logical, I also need to honour the emotions that make me care about this subject.  I need to keep my emotional intuition a part of this, so as to remain independent while working within the institutional framework, no matter if this means things take a little longer (Woman, Moon, Holly, Cat, Hill Fort).  And yeah, I'm only 20% through my essay - it is taking time!

The second nine square is Woman, Female Rider, Hill Fort, Lady, Heart, Holly Cat, Oak (Tree), Letter.  In the present, I must still listen to intuitive messages, and also messages from other women, in particular perhaps the women who work within the college (Woman, Female Rider, Hill Fort, Lady).  I had a very useful tutorial, with my tutor, who is female.  And I will keep my eyes peeled this weekend on the course for other important messages, too.  Emotional growth comes with a growth in feelings of independence, which I should note in my journal (Heart, Holly Cat, Oak, Letter).

The third nine square around the Oak is: Heart, Songbirds, Letter, Owls, Lady, Cat, Oak, Girl (Child), Female Rider.  Moving forward, I need a better balance between emotional communication and written wisdom (Heart, Songbirds, Letter, Owls).  I see here the fact that it's not just about the essay, but also about how I communicate with my fellow students and the tutors, especially as we also have a practical exam, where relationships will matter.  In terms of what to do, I read that my independent spiritual practice will bring growth opportunities so long as I remain open to the messages I receive (Lady, Cat, Oak, Girl, Female Rider).  A bit of beginner's mind is never a bad thing when you're learning :D

It was fascinating to see the alternates here!  For instance, the Woman falls above the Holly, while the Lady falls above the Oak, and the Songbirds and the Owls both fall in the last column (the most distant future, if you were reading more purely across the lines).  A real focus on intuition, growth, and communication, therefore.  And with a nice progression towards more vibrant and stronger aspects of the two first elements (Lady and Oak), with the future holding new wisdom through communication around healing (it is a course on a healing modality, after all).  Altogether, a very encouraging reading, with a remind at the centre to stay true to myself, above all!


  1. Last time I checked they were out of stock on this deck. Now they have it in stock again but I have no address! I am continually thwarted in my attempts to add this to my Lenormand collection, but I shall persevere.

    One thing I wanted to ask about: I tend to stick to 3-card readings with Lenormand decks. I find something like this overwhelming, too many cards to concentrate on--do you know what I mean? Any thoughts on that? Thanks

    1. Gosh, how annoying, JJ! Maybe you'll find it somewhere on your travels, or else gift it to yourself as a housewarming present :)
      As for your question. I answered it partially in this week's post. I'd say, stick with three card readings until those feel comfortable and second nature. To read larger spreads, you've really got to see them as several smaller readings combined. For example, here the reading was actually made up of seven mini readings - three "corners" readings for each of the inner nine squares, and three "cross" readings. Then, I also looked at the overall patterns. Breaking it down into these chunks makes each one manageable, and then you just bring those seven messages together, rather than thinking about it being 15 different cards with hundreds of permutations. Hope that makes sense :)


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