Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Reading On A New Love Relationship

My thanks to M for permission to publish this reading.  She asked about a new man who has recently come into her life, and I share here the reading, which demonstrates applying a Past-Present-Future framework to a Nine Square.

Past: Book, Clover, Girl

M has a teenage girl, who has been slacking at her studies (small studies - Book, Clover).  However, true as this may be, the reading was asking about M's new love relationship, not her daughter.  This triplet can also be read as happiness around secrets opening up.  The relationship is still very new, and M observed that they have been having those deep, into-the-small hours conversations, opening up about their lives.

Present: Bardess (Rider), Anchor, Home

There are two sides here.  On the one hand, M not only works from home, she also works with family (both Anchor, House).  However, her new love has just had news from his work (Rider, Anchor) asking him to move (Rider can be movement as well as news).  If he moved job, though, he might be able to stay.

Future: Owls, Stars, Letter

Advice here suggests M and this person having a conversation about their direction (Owls, Stars), and perhaps writing a list of pros and cons that will help them achieve some clarity (Stars, Letter).  A secondary message here is to get some wise counsel, possibly in writing or in some tangible way (Owls, Stars, Letter).  For M, this could be about consulting with some of her family, who are in the business of providing guidance. 

The advice for the future felt practical and helpful to M, focusing on what she and her love can do, as well as on what she can do individually.

This way of reading the Nine Square is good for taking a broad overview of a situation.  It may be especially appropriate in a face-to-face reading where you want to include the client in the process, even if they don't have a lot of knowledge of the Lenormand system.  Creating a brief sentence from the keywords and asking the client what those words trigger for them can work well, and it keeps things simple enough not to overwhelm them.

What do you think of this way of reading the Nine Square, and where or how might you use it?


  1. These are so helpful, I almost worked this one out before reading the answer. Sharyn

    1. I'm so glad to hear it, Sharyn, really brought a smile to my face :)


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