Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Nine Square In The Round

The Nine Square, as well as being a very common and traditional medium sized Lenormand spread, is also incredibly versatile.  Last week's reading took an approach looking at the columns and rows.  This week, I'll be reading the spread 'in the round'. 

For reasons that have disappeared in history (or that I'm just not aware of), this way of reading starts at the middle left hand card and goes around anti-clockwise.  The centre card is either placed beforehand as a significator, or read as such, giving the theme of the reading.

In this case, I allowed the cards to choose the theme: the Lilies.  A reading around establishing harmony...

And straight away I see the story here: an emotional (Heart) discussion (Birch Rods) about health (Tree) requires a commitment (Ring) to listening to each other's instincts (Fox) and being open (Child) to each other.  Making a list (Letter) will help ensure a happy outcome (Sun).

My partner and I disagree about how to deal with a health issue our son is having.  However, if we're to make a decision, we'll have to find a way to open to each other's perspective.  The Heart at the outset reminds me that although this discussion may feel "heated", that's only because we both truly care, even if we have different perspectives. 

Following the advice of the Letter, I will try writing out my reasoning, to get it clear in my own mind and so I don't forget something when we talk it through.  Not that I think my way is the one that must win out, but at least if I'm clear about what bits are most important to me, we can find some kind of compromise.  As the centre line suggests: harmonising our emotions will take some skillful footwork (Heart, Lily, Fox).

Reading the diagonals reinforces the message that harmony and happiness require us to work together, to commit to our partnership in this matter (Sun, Lily, Ring).  And that we can have a discussion about our son without it becoming an argument (Birch Rods, Lily, Boy)!

I'm glad to have a focus on how to deal with this, and the reminder to consider my partner's feelings in all of this.  We are partners, united in the love for our child (knighting Heart, Ring, Boy).


  1. What a beautiful reading and so respectful to eachother feelings towards the matter. I know how hard it is to have to compromise about parenting issues. I've always believed Love conquers all
    Gentle Hugs

  2. Thank you, Ellen. Yes, it's tough when you each have different ideas about what is best for your children. I think love is the solid basis you need, and good communication is how you put it into practice :)
    Hugs to you, Chloë


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