Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Erna von Drösbecke's Nine Square Method

Droesbecke's 9 Square Layout
Erna Droesbecke von Enge is a Dutch writer and artist, and the first person to have a book published in English about reading using the Lenormand cards (though admittedly a translation - Sylvie Steinbach's book was the first actually written in English).  While Droesbecke espouses the near and far method of reading with Lenormand cards, she also gives examples of smaller throws with positional meanings, such as a past-present-future three card draw.

Following on from the last two posts, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at Droesbecke's method for reading the Nine Square.  I've shown here the numbering she assigns the cards, and the positional interpretations are as follows:
Nine Square Reading using Droesbeckes' Layout

1) Past - Book
2) Present not under you control - Clover
3) Future - Letter
4) Present you can control - Mice
5) What you can influence from the past - Dog
6) Past karma - Mountain
7) Future karma - Meadow (Park)
8) How you can influence the future - Moon
9) Final result - Flowers

So, let's take a look at how to interpret this.

The Book in the past indicates a project.  With the Mountain above and the Dog below, it's one that weighed on my mind and required a lot of dedication - yep, I know what that is!  The Clover as the present not under my control emphasises that luck and synchronicity are not mine to command: I can only try to be ready to grab any opportunity that presents itself.  Here, the Mountain and the Meadow are to either side: this is a social opportunity that will help me overcome past obstacles.

The Letter as the future suggests a lot of writing needs to be done.  The Meadow and the Moon suggest that the writing is published to gain recognition, or is to do with public visibility: blogging and social media spring to mind!  The present I control is the Mice: what can I choose to reduce?  The Dog and the Moon suggest I can reduce the emotional and cyclical nature of my dedication to projects: greater consistency sounds like a good idea!

What I control from the past is my faithfulness to projects, even when they feel like they are draining me (Dog, Book, Mice).  My past karma is a bundle of obstacles around those projects, which may have all been small, but added up (Mountain, Book, Clover).  My future karma is to have some opportunities to publish my writing within my community (Meadow, Clover, Letter): I have just been looking at a number of guest blogging opportunities :)

How I can influence the future is by writing about emotional undermining (Moon, Mice, Letter): things like doubt, lack of self-worth, and guilt.  And the outcome of it all?  Creative writing projects (Flowers, Book, Letter) that I can gift to my community to help them overcome obstacles and emotions through staying faithful to their own creativity (Flowers, Mountain, Meadow, Dog, Moon, Flowers).  Yep, I have a couple of those in mind!

So, what do you think of this way of reading the Nine Square?  I think it adds a slightly different flavour to the interpretation... :)


  1. I like this approach but personally I prefer the freedom of less positional interpretations. I do like how you let the connecting cards influence the meanings of the cards in the numbered positions

    1. Hi Ellen, yes, I thought the way of influencing each card with those around it added depth to the reading. It's both positional and using combinations :) As someone who likes structure, I enjoyed this reading style!

    2. I like a bit of structure (so much Fixed Earth in my chart!) so this appeals to me. Thank you for sharing this.

    3. Lol, yes, I think it appeals to my Capricorn moon, Alison :)


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