Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Skeptic's Traditional Nine Square Reading

Corners - Theme
This week's technique was the way I first learned to read a nine square.  At the time, I was told this was the "traditional" (only) way to read it.  I'm glad that my evergrowing Lenormand library put paid to that idea!  Still, it is a good and interesting method. 

The four corners are read together as the theme of the reading, then the central cross is read as what brings movement to the reading.  The reading here was done at a Christmas party, with a skeptic who asked for a reading after I mentioned what I do. 

The theme of the reading is Hill Fort (Tower), Letter, Storks, Heart: an institutional prescription for a change of heart.  I wasn't sure where I was going with this when I said those words, but she looked a little shocked.  Turns out she's been working in war zones, and has been put on official leave while she has therapy for the trauma she suffered.  

Complete Reading
Looking to the central cross, we have Fish, Key, Dog, Birch Rods, and Meadow (Garden).  Staying faithful to the flow of insight around social cleansing.  At this, she got very still, and just nodded. 

I then looked at the cards in the top row: what's on her mind.  Tower, Fish, Heart: funding for an emotional institution.  She disagreed with this, she isn't concerned about how her therapy is funded. 

Reading the middle line, where she is now: Key, Dog, Birch Rods.  The key to clearing her own emotions lies with a friend.  A nod again, here, and a little smile.  She says the best thing in her life is her partner, who is very grounded and supportive.

The bottom row, what she can control: Storks, Meadow, Letter.  Changing social views through writing.  Another nod: she wants to write about her experiences.  I think that might be very healing, too...


  1. Replies
    1. Ha ha, had to google that, Sharyn. Many thanks, and wishing you the same! :)

  2. Very cool. It's fun to read for skeptics who express shock over the reading they receive. That happened to me several times at the holiday reading. I got some actual gasps and confused looks from several clients. Comments like, 'how could you possibly say that?' or 'How did you know that?' Etc. Haha. It's always refreshing to hear that from a newbie or skeptic. I'm also a fairly skeptical analytical person, even when I'm also being intuitive. Much love and happy end of 2015!! XOXO, MM

    1. I know, I'm very analytical, too. And yes, it's fascinating sometimes to see how skeptics react. Though I figure, if they've asked for a reading, no matter how skeptical, there is something they need to hear from the cards... :)


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