Wednesday, 11 November 2015

What's the Lenormand Score?

Once again this week, I decided to try out a life coaching spread, Lenormand style.  This time it's a line of five, based on the acronym SCORE: Symptom, Cause, Outcome, Resources, Ecology.  The spread is designed to look at an issue or problem and what you can do about it to reach a favorable outcome.  It's nice that the centre card acts as the fulcrum of the spread, which fits well with a Lenormand reading style...  


Symptom: the Woman

My first thought was 'working like a drudge'. I know that's not a traditional reading of the Woman card, but sometimes you have to trust your intuition.  There's something about it being the Woman rather than the Lady, added to the positional meaning.

Cause: the Letter

Ha, yes, I have been writing a lot, and also worrying about how much I need to write.  I have a business trip next week to prepare for, and which will take time away from my other pursuits.

Outcome: the Book

Exactly, I have some project deadlines that I need to reach, at least one on an esoteric subject 😊

Resources: the Child

If I can find a sense of playfulness, that will combat the feeling of drudgery.  I need to be open to the joy of these projects, rather than focusing on the time constraints.  After all, worrying won't get them done any faster.

Ecology: the Sun

How does this situation fit in my life (is it ecological)?  I read this as having the required energy for this, I just need to tap into it by focusing on the fun side. 

Reading the line more traditionally gives me: written intuition (Woman, Letter - this blog) around a project involving study/ing materials (Letter, Book) allows me to open up the project (Book, Child) by bringing new energy to it (Child, Sun).  This woman has energy (mirroring Woman, Sun), if she writes playfully (mirroring Letter, Child) to put into the projects at the heart of this reading (Book).

I really like how this reading worked!  The positional meanings added to the interpretation, though just reading the line traditionally brought most of the same ideas.  Hope you'll let me know if you give it a go 😉


  1. I love this. Just like the other one: head heart gut
    I've tried it out but didn't blog about it though
    Maybe I will soon :)

    1. Glad you liked it, Ellen. I found this one worked really well. Don't know if I would have read the line the same way without having first read the spread positions, but the two certainly blended very well. Would love to see you using the Lennies on your blog again ;)


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