Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Three Brain Reading

This week, I decided to try something a little different.  On Monday I posted a tarot reading using a Three Brain Spread based on ideas from neuroscience and life coaching, and I thought it would be interesting to do a version with the Celtic Lenormand.  Drawing three cards, I interpret them as what our head, heart and gut are saying.  Then, reading them all together is the overall message.

Head - The Lord

Unsurprisingly, the Head card is all about rationality, logic and thinking you're in charge: the things our head-based ego normally talks to us about! 

Heart - The Rider

The Heart tells us to listen to the messages around us, to be open to hearing what others have to say and what the Universe wants us to hear.

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Gut - The Man

The Man is more practical and down-to-earth than the Lord, more focused on how to get things done than on being in control.  He is more about doing than thinking.  This fits beautifully with an image I found, shown here courtesy of,  regarding the realm of each brain!

Overall Message

Moving forward rationally is aided by listening to the more practical messages of heart and gut.

The cards absolutely agree - we mustn't think just with our head, but bring in our heart and gut, too, to have a well-balanced understanding of the world, ourselves and others.  I like the imagery, as well.  The head and gut cards look in different directions, it is only the Rider as messenger that links them together.  And it's fascinating to have received both the "Male" cards - to emphasise both how this "thinking" by our gut and head is different and the same.  


  1. Again I love this spread and working with the Lennies like this too!!! I love how the rider is moving back and forth between the lord and the man :D

    1. Glad you liked this idea, Ellen :) And yes, it was a very interesting combination, wasn't it!


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