Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Working Your Intuitive Lenormand Muscles

Step 1 - basic keywords
Last week, I posted a video about the difference between using your intuition in Tarot readings compared to Lenormand readings.  It included an exercise to build your Lenormand vocabulary and practice tuning into your Lenormand intuition.  Not everyone responds well to videos, though, so I decided to break the exercise down in writing.  And it also means you get to see a second example :)

The first step is to write down keywords for each of the cards that you've drawn.  It's good to brainstorm these, to practise/remember them.  It can also be useful to look in a book or two - it's easy as a reader to get stuck using the same keywords all the time.  While it can be good to develop your own Lenormand vocabulary in that way - knowing what the card most often means to you - it is also good to stretch yourself sometimes.  After all, the world is a wide and wonderful place, and may present you with people or situations you don't know or expect.

Step 2 - basic interpretations
Step two is to create some basic sentences using these keywords.  These are simple, off-the-cuff interpretations, and it is often at this stage that one of them will "ping" for you.  Then, you know what the most important message of the reading is.

Step three is to write out combinations for the cards in the reading.  Taking this three card reading - Book, Owls, and Lily - that means combining Books and Owls, combining Owls and Lily, and also mirroring to combine Book and Lily.  You may also come up with some blends of all three cards.  For instance, with these cards a three-way blend might give you a talkative mature student.

Step 3 - blended keywords for each pairing

Step four is to create some more complex sentences and variations, taking these blended meanings into account, and using several different variants to add texture to your reading.

Step 4 - more complex sentences

The final step is kind of a combination of steps two and four - you find the interpretation that your intuition tells you is most relevant, and then you dig deeper into it.  You can ask a number of questions around the basic interpretation.  For example, here I asked why and how...
Step 5 - digging deeper
What other blends or keywords would you have come up with?  And if you give this exercise a go, I'd love to hear how you find it!

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