Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Which Way Is Which?

After last week's post, I wanted to explore the idea of directionality in the cards a little more.  Not trusting that the exact cards I wanted would pop out in a shorter reading, a Grand Tableau seemed like the best idea.  I chose to stick to 36 cards, for clarity's sake :)

Grand Tableau for a woman
As I mentioned in the previous post, the cards most often assigned a sense of directionality (though not all of these might be used in this way by all readers who use directions) are: Rider, Clouds, Coffin, Scythe, Mice, Book, Lord, Lady, Cross.

The Clouds are the very first card of the GT, with the light side in towards the other cards, and next to the Dog.  A little uncertainty around friendship, or what to be loyal to, which quickly clears. After all, there is a journey of discovery to be embarked upon, a financial venture (Ship/Fish), which may have its challenges (Cross).

The Cross is a card which some people interpret with a lot of directionality. It is a burden if it is 'in front' of you, but something to lean on if behind you. Uplifting if below you, but crushing what is beneath it.  In this GT, it is at the very top of a column, and beneath it is the Lord, the Lady, and the Storks.  Taking it as a card of life lessons, these weigh heavy on the mind of our Lady. Logic (the Lord) is no help at all.  Yet, with the Lady on top of the Storks, she still feels she has some control over her ability to make progress.

The Rider can show messages, but are they coming to us, or missing us?  Taking this reading as one for a woman, the Rider is next to the Lady, riding away from her.  The message either comes from her, or has missed her.

The Book is also next to the Lady, with the pages facing her: secrets she can uncover, given time.  (I recently discovered that some readers see the spine/pages the other way around - the spine holds the title, it gives up its information; the pages must be opened and read in detail, so their secrets are more closed).

The Scythe is cutting into the Letter, writing that needs to make the cut - an exam! It could also be something written that causes a shock. 

In traditional Coffin cards, some readers interpret the side of the Coffin draped with a black cloth as the darker, more permanent ending side, while the other side is more about illness or less permanent endings.  To honour this, in the Celtic Lenormand card I asked Will Worthington to paint a black raven flying to the left (the most traditional side for the black cloth).  Here, the raven flies towards the Rider, who rides away from the Lady, and the Tree (health) is on the 'better' side of the Burial Mound (Coffin), followed by the Fox. The Lady has not finished delivering a message about ill health as an independent contractor.

The Mice card can be seen as nibbling away at what the majority of the mice face, and pooping on the card to their other side.  My original intention was for the mice to nibble towards the left (most traditional).  However, due to the design chosen for the numbering and playing card associations, this card ended up flipped around the other way.  Still, I choose to read it as nibbling left, pooping right, which has the Mice eating away at the Paths, the Lady's choices, and tainting the Storks, her chances for progress and change.

As for the Lord, he faces the Flowers (Bouquet).  This is a card which is often associated with a charming, attractive woman, with its playing card association to the Queen of Spades.  Some traditional readers might interpret this as the main man in the client's life having his eyes on someone else, or at least the Lady worrying that this is so (the cards are directly above her - on her mind).  I prefer a more internal interpretation: a woman who is trying to take a rational approach to creativity, or logically understand a gift she is being offered.

I wanted to show how directionality might affect interpretations of these cards and those around them, so I won't do a detailed breakdown of this GT, the post is long enough as it is.  However, it was useful to me this week, when I (the Lady) am facing some confusing obstacles (Clouds/Mountain), that I hope clear communication will help me get through (Owls/Key).  I have an exam to take (Scythe/Letter), and have been studying hard (Book/Lady).  There's a life lesson, too, about staying loyal to a financial venture despite its uncertainties and how I can find a new feeling of peace and clarity (top line).  Whle I might need to make my wending way towards progress, it is difficult to make choices around work, but I need to follow my heart to find success despite the obstacles (bottom line).  Thinking logically about creative messages and an opportunity to study these are at the heart of it all (Flowers, Lord, Clover, Book, Lady, Rider), so I'd better focus there - I have an exam today!


  1. Very interesting, thank you Chloe! I'm doing Andybc's Lenormand course and direction is one of the subjects covered this week. I really enjoyed looking at this through your GT. I also hope that the Mountains vanish from your path and that the exam goes smoothly!! <3

    1. Thanks, Ali. It was Andy who explained his different take on the directionality of the Book, so I'll be interested to know how else he may have a different perspective on this :) As for the exam, I passed with flying colours, despite my worries. However, it was a long old slog (Mountain)! <3


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