Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Yes-No Questions

Following on from last week's post about using the playing card associations for the cards to calculate the quintessence of a reading, this week we look at another possible method for using the playing card associations on the Lenormand cards.

As anyone who has followed this blog, or who has the Celtic Lenormand, knows, I don't favour seeing any cards as either positive or negative.  However, even without ascribing positive or negative to the Lenormand cards, it is possible to use the playing card associations to answer yes-no questions.  For this, basically red suits are seen as positive and black suits are seen as negative.  If you want to add a little more subtlety to this, you can take diamonds as a strong yes, hearts as a weak yes, spades as a weak no, and clubs as a strong no.

One thing I like about this system is that it gives you more information than just a straight yes or no.  After you have read the playing cards, you can still interpret the Lenormand images for a deeper answer.

Being a bit of a skeptic, to demonstrate this system I decided to do two draws.  The first asked should I give up on X, while the second was should I carry on with X.  As you can see the cards played along.

Should I give up on X?
Both the Chickens and the Paths cards are diamonds, strong yeses, with a weak Spade no. Give up - yes.
Should I carry on with X?
The Tower (six of Spades) is a weak no, the Scythe (Jack of Diamonds) a strong yes, but the Ring (Ace of Clubs) a strong no.  Carry on - no.

Overall, the draw answered yes to 'should I give up' and no to 'should I carry on': nicely consistent. 

Looking deeper, the first draw for giving up (Chickens, Paths, Lily) suggests I have a choice to make here between what people will say, and a sense of peace.  This fits. The question is whether to carry on with something that I have told others I will do, but which has been going extremely slowly and weighing me down with the burden of something unfinished.  Add to that the fact that some new things are really taking off, and also have a deadline, and I have been questioning whether it's worth continuing.

The second draw has the Tower, Scythe and Ring.  The Scythe is a card that is often read with an element of directionality: what is the blade pointing to?  Here, the Scythe's blade cuts at the commitment of the Ring.  And the Tower speaks of institutions: an institutional requirement (that deadline imposed from without) recommends I break the promise I made to myself and told others of.

However, whether because I have authority issues and don't like being told what to do, or whether I'm just not ready to be a quitter, for the moment I'm going to ignore the card's advice.  I shall carry on and try to keep the promise I made, despite other commitments.  My next question, I guess, would have to be: what can I best do to fulfil all my commitments... :)


  1. I also would have chosen yes for first cards and no for last cards. Also if you are to "give up" on this direction/path, etc. the reason is that you need to give up talking about it, or not being serious about it in order to put energy and effort into one choice that will work and eventually, down the road, prosper and grow. And to carry on re: no...this is because, again, you have to let go of something or end something in order for a better compromise/choice/balance to occur. I think these cards are asking you to be truer to yourself but to let go of a few things in order for better results in the future. BB

    1. I'm guessing that's Helen of Moonstone Oracle, though you're showing up as Anonymous :) Or is it Bonnie? Either way, thanks for your thoughts on this. Interesting, your reading of giving up on just talking about things and actually getting down to them, as that's what I've tried to do this week :D

  2. I like to see Lenormand being used this way. :)

    1. It isn't my favourite method, as you can tell by me ignoring the card's advice. Still, it was helpful as I spent more time working on that project this week than I had in the last six weeks put together :D

  3. I have tried both Y/N methods: pos/neg, & suit colors; I've generally found the latter method works best or me, but usually with 5 cards, a method i saw on Cafe Lenormand. And now I'm excited to try this nuanced method of suits. Great post!

    1. Interesting Callie! I certainly never liked the pos/neg, especially as different people consider different cards positive or negative. This method could be used with any uneven number of cards, but the more cards, the more complicated... :)


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