Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Line Length and Directionality

My Lenormand book collection - 52, not counting LWB's
It's amazing how many Lenormand books in different languages focus on odd number lines (3, 5, 7, 9).  And I should know, as I have quite a collection of Lenormand books, in English, German (the majority), French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish!   

A beginner couldn't be blamed for thinking that lines should always have an odd number of cards.  Yet, how true is that?

The only time a line really needs to have an uneven number of cards is if you have chosen a significator.  That card goes in the middle of your line either by choice (putting it there and dealing cards around it) or by finding the significator in a shuffled deck and taking one or more cards to either side of it for your reading.

That's it.  Otherwise, there is no reason why a line cannot use an even number of cards.

What about reading past-present-future, I hear you ask?

If you have four cards and you blend them, then cards 1+2 can be seen as the past, cards 2+3 are the present, and cards 3+4 are the future :) 

All this to say, this week I decided to draw a line of four cards...

Another subject that sometimes confuses people is the notion of directionality in Lenormand readings.  Most Lenormand cards aren't intended to be read with a sense of direction.  One obvious exception to this is the Man and Woman cards.  There are plenty of readers who take the way these cards face to either show where the person's interest lies, or to determine which side of the reading should be the past and which the future.

There are some other cards which tend to be read with direction.  The Clouds and the Scythe are two frequent cases, though some others are the Rider, the Coffin, the Mice, the Book and the Cross.  I mention this, as three of those came up in my readings today...

Yesterday, I made a decision about pricing for my Magical Life Coaching service, and sent off an email to that effect to someone who'd made an enquiry.  Then, I started worrying and second guessing myself - should I charge less?  Does it depend on whether I know the person?  Who is my ideal client anyway?

So, I decided to ask whether I'd made the right choice in sending the email with those prices.

Man, Clouds, Lady, Girl
The Clouds card has a dark and a light side.  In this reading, the dark side is next to the Man, who represents logic and rationality.  Added to that, he's actually looking into those dark clouds.  The light side is next to the woman, representative of intuition and nurturing.  And she is looking at the Child, sign of being open, honest, and willing to try new things. 

If we apply last week's yes-no formula, we have three black cards and one red, so no, I didn't make the right choice.  Seems the problem is that I was too focused on being rational, which made my actions confused.  Instead, I should take a more nurturing, intuitive approach, in order to clear away those doubts and worries.  Looks like I need to take a new approach, and perhaps be honest with the person about why I'm making a change.

And how can I find a more nurturing way to price my Magical Life Coaching?

Meadow (Garden), Book, Anchor, Scythe

Meadow +  Book - research the community I'm interested in
Book + Anchor - consider work confidentiality, work at uncovering things
Anchor + Scythe - make a clean break with the work I did before, no quick harvest

Here, we have the Book, with its spine (the side that cannot be opened) to the Meadow.  Some readers take this as representing secrets that cannot or should not be disclosed.  So, while I may need to do research, this is made harder by the fact that a lot of coaches don't advertise their prices.  You have to actually talk with them to get to that nub. 

In terms of my potential clients, like that Book, they may open up with a little work.  That work of understanding them may also help me decide how to price things on a case-by-case basis.  How much do I want to work with someone, and how much can they afford?  

A face-to-face approach would be better than trying to do these things via email.  The Scythe's blade faces away from the other cards.  While I need to make a clean start, that doesn't mean doing anything too sudden or drastic.  It may be that this is a lesson in how best to work with people, rather than something I can fix with this particular person.

Back to the nub of the question: each person in the tribe I would most like as my clients is a book that may take some time and work to understand.   There is no point rushing into things, that's no way to reap a harvest that is worthwhile.   That's fine by me, I'm in no particular hurry.  I would rather have clients I really want to help, than just taking on any client who comes along :)


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    1. Thanks, Carla. I don't always use these directional cues, but it's interesting to play with. And yes, I found the reading helpful, and have already done things differently with someone else :)


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