Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Self-Belief Spell

Self-belief is a funny thing.  Sometimes we can project it, yet may not actually feel it.  Or else we feel it in some ways, but not in others.  And being human, those ways we don't feel it tend to seem like the ones that count!

Doing some journaling this week, this came up for me powerfully.  So, I decided to create a spell to help... 

Obviously, you can place at the centre the card you most relate to.  I have used the Lady, because she feels stronger and more spiritual to me than the Woman, and those are characteristics I'd like to strengthen.  Around her, I have placed the Flowers for creativity and feeling touched by grace; the Stars for a sense of direction; the Fish for feelings of worth or value; and the Fierce Snake for defending my own boundaries and values. 

This layout could be filled out with cards in the corners to make a nine square, though for this I think it's good to keep it simple.  You can always work on other aspects at another time.  And of course you could choose different cards to represent the characteristics you want to strengthen...

Which cards would you choose?


  1. great idea Chloe!
    In the center I've put Ring as a binding commitment to myself. Flowers and Snake stayed the same and I replaced Fish with Heart for self love. At the top the bright Sun (very fitting for today) as a symbol of growth and success and strength and some carnelians for strength and personal power put a picture of it on Instagram!

    1. Beautiful, Ellen! Loved seeing it on Instagram, too. And coincidentally, my reading for 2nd July had the Ring at its centre - guess I need to make a commitment, too :)


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