Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Career Questions: Part Five

Continuing this series of posts on jobs in the Lenormand cards, today we cover the Ring to the Moon.
The Ring

The Ring speaks of commitment, and in terms of strengths is a great card, showing someone who has the capacity to commit and stand by what they say. 

As for jobs, it could by itself suggest cyclical work.  Combined with the Fish and the Letter, for instance, that could point to tax accounting, with its cycles based on the financial year and governmental tax requirements. Paired with the Scythe, we might see cyclical agricultural work.

The contractual side of the Ring can also point to legal areas: with the Bear it could be a contract manager or lawyer.  With the Fox, perhaps an independent legal adviser, or independent contractor.

The Book

The Book can stand for secrets, esoteric learning, and also big projects such as writing a book.  When teamed with the Anchor, it could stand for being secretive about your work, or a job that is confidential.  That might be highlighted by a combination of Ship, Flowers and Book - diplomatic work abroad that requires secrecy - spy, anyone? ;)

When teamed with the Tower, we might see a librarian, or someone in academia.  When paired with the Letter, the aspect of writing is highlighted, suggesting an author.  This could be a spiritual author (Letter, Book, Stars), or someone who writes about catamarans (Letter, Book, Ship), or someone who writes about agribusiness (Letter, Book, Scythe, Fish).

In terms of job strengths, being able to keep confidentiality is important in many professions.  However, the inability to open up to others can be an issue if a role requires teamwork.

The Letter

Turning to the Letter, we have more writing, but this time of shorter pieces.  So, various kinds of journalists would be covered.  For example, gossip columnists (Birds, Letter), celebrity journalists (Moon, Birds, Letter), horoscope writers (Stars, Letter), financial journalists (Fish, Letter), or political pundits (Garden, Tower, Letter).

An ability to write with clarity, consciseness and precision is a great strength in many different professions.  There is a degree of strategy to the Letter: both in terms of putting the written word out there (with Garden and Book, for example, community information officer) and in terms of writing action plans and to-do lists (with Bear, we have a manager who lays things out clearly and in writing).

The Man

Taking the male person cards as representing more than just "the querent is a man, or there is an important man in their life", we can see the Man as indicating rationality, logic, and action.  While these are by no means limited to men, such binary distinctions can be useful as signposts, rather than taken as fact.  In terms of strengths, these characteristics might be useful in scientific research (with Book and Stars), or as an exam marker (with Scythe and Letter, for making the cut in a written paper).

In terms of jobs, this card could also represent someone working in a particular forum, such as a men's club (with the Garden).

The Woman

In the same way, the Woman can represent intuition, emotion, and a willingness to wait-and-see.  These would be positive character traits for anyone in one of the caring professions, such as nursing (with Coffin and Tower), or counselling of some kind (with Birds). 

It could also point to working with women (a women's shelter, for instance, with the Tower and the House).

The Moon

This card points to ideas about fame and reputation, as well as emotions and cycles.  These may be linked ideas, in that we can feel quite emotional about how people see us, and that fame is based on the last thing you did, rather than being naturally enduring.

Spin doctoring would seem to fall naturally under the aegis of this card paired with the Garden.  And working as a publicity agent might also be suggested, perhaps paired with the Fox.

These are once again just suggestions, and I'd love to hear what professions or job strengths YOU see in these cards...


  1. Gosh, I am so happy that I have a deck of these cards. Each time I see them, I like them even more! Great combinations, and so many of them. Thanks for sharing with us. I also see a writer when I see (whip, letter) together. :)

    1. So glad you are enjoying the cards, Bridgett! And interesting combination, Whip and Letter. Quite a polemic writer, or someone who can make their case in writing very clearly :D Thanks for the added insight!


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