Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Career Questions Part 6

Here is the final part in the career questions series, looking at jobs and strengths in the work environment represented by Lenormand cards and combinations:

The Sun

As a card of happiness and success, the Sun bodes well for any career question.  In particular, it points to someone who is cheerful and energetic, sunny and outgoing. Not the best fit for a quiet and solitary job, perhaps, but otherwise very positive.

In terms of actual jobs, paired with the Tree it suggests energetic healing modalities such as reiki.  The Sun with the Tower could be working for a sun tan parlour, while the Sun with the Snake might be working with electrical cables - an electrician, especially with the Fox added as an independent contractor. 

The Moon

For some people, this is their main 'work' card.  Personally, I see it being more about fame or reputation, as well as the whole gamut of emotions (Heart being more just positive emotions). The Moon can also represent cycles, especially seasonal or shorter cycles (compared to the Ring which can be about infinity and longer term cycles).  The emotional interpretation ties into the question of reputation, as how others see us can affect how we feel, about them and ourselves.

Reputation is an important matter, especially if you are a sole trader or independent entrepreneur.  Whether you have a good or bad reputation, or what you have a reputation for, will link with the other cards.  For example, with the Sun we see a positive reputation or even a reputation for success. 

With the Fox, you might have a reputation for deceit.  More positively, it can show a reputation for street smarts, and in terms of a job, the independent/entrepreneurial side of the Fox could show a talent agent - someone concerned with promoting other people's fame.  This would be strengthened by cards such as the Meadow (Garden) (promoting via social media), or the Flowers (promoting someone's creative reputation).  At a literal level, if you have the Stars combined with the Moon we have a stellar reputation or a famous star ;)

The Key

While some readers consider this a 'yes' card, it can tell you far more than that.  The Key offers insight and the ability to unlock potential, as well as being about problem-solving.  Once again, these are very positive traits when looking for work, either as en employee or working for yourself.

Given the unlocking potential side of the card, especially when linked with the Tower it would suggest some kind of teaching.  The Key, Tower and Garden together would be a state school teacher, while a private school teacher might be suggested more by the Key, Tower and Fish. 

The Bear could also make an appearance, as a mentor in unlocking your potential - a business coach, for instance.  A life coach would more likely be the Tree with the Bear and the Key (a mentor to help you grow at the level of body mind and spirit), and a magical life coach (like myself) would be the Stars, Bear and Key :D

Thinking about the problem-solving aspect of this card, pairing it with the Stars for science and technology, and the Book for academia, might point to a scientific researcher of some kind.  A forensic accountant, who problem-solves by delving into the background of finances, could be the Key with the Fish (possibly adding in the Coffin to point to the ill health of the finances being looked into).

The Fish

This card is often used to represent money, the give and take or flow of lucre for services or goods.  It might just be the money you need for the weekly shop, or it could be more about currency exchange.  The Fish also talk about quantity, and things multiplying - a good thing for finances, generally.

Taking the key word of finances, then combined with the Letter we have a financial reporter or journalist, combined with the Book more like an auditor or accountant.  The Fish with the Ship and the Fox could be read as a currency trader.  With the Garden, we have someone working with public funding.

If we look more to the flow side of the Fish, pairing it with the Rider for vigorous exercise, or the Whips for repetitive movements, might give us a yoga or dance teacher. 
The Anchor

For me, the Anchor is my main work card.  In it, I see work which provides a degree of stability, that we feel at home with, and where we are willing to work hard.  However, the Anchor can always be raised, so the Ship can move to a new port - it doesn't mean we have to be locked into something forever, though paired with the Tree it might well suggest a job for life.

The Anchor can represent feeling the weight of responsibility, and as a job strength it certainly indicates someone who can handle that weight.  With the Bear, we see a hard-working, responsible manager, who can deal with people (especially if combined with the Garden) and resources (especially if the Fish is added to the mix).

At a more literal level, it could represent someone who works on the sea, or in a port - paired with the Tower we might have a port authority officer.  Combined with the Rider and the Tree, a life guard at the beach, perhaps...

The Cross

As a card of burdens, the Cross might suggest trouble in our career.  However, the positive side of this is that there is a life lesson to be learnt here.  In terms of strengths, it suggests someone who believes in what they are doing, and someone who is used to shouldering heavy burdens, who can cope with sorrow.  As such, it might be a positive card for someone who works in bereavement (coupled perhaps with the Coffin and the Tower).

And if it's your job to help people with their life lessons, providing guidance, then that could be shown by the Stars combined with the Cross.  The Cross also connects with faith, and so with the Tower we might see someone working as a priest or minister.

What other strengths or careers do these cards suggest to you?


  1. Really great examples here, Ms Stars-Bear-Key Magick Coach and nothing to add at the moment. Anchor is my main work card too :) I passed this on to my Angelorum FB page. You are such a great Lenormand Teacher - I don't want my followers to miss out!

    1. Aww, thanks, Lisa! Glad you liked the post, and thank you for sharing it, too! :D


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