Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Career Questions Part 6

Here is the final part in the career questions series, looking at jobs and strengths in the work environment represented by Lenormand cards and combinations:

The Sun

As a card of happiness and success, the Sun bodes well for any career question.  In particular, it points to someone who is cheerful and energetic, sunny and outgoing. Not the best fit for a quiet and solitary job, perhaps, but otherwise very positive.

In terms of actual jobs, paired with the Tree it suggests energetic healing modalities such as reiki.  The Sun with the Tower could be working for a sun tan parlour, while the Sun with the Snake might be working with electrical cables - an electrician, especially with the Fox added as an independent contractor. 

The Moon

For some people, this is their main 'work' card.  Personally, I see it being more about fame or reputation, as well as the whole gamut of emotions (Heart being more just positive emotions). The Moon can also represent cycles, especially seasonal or shorter cycles (compared to the Ring which can be about infinity and longer term cycles).  The emotional interpretation ties into the question of reputation, as how others see us can affect how we feel, about them and ourselves.

Reputation is an important matter, especially if you are a sole trader or independent entrepreneur.  Whether you have a good or bad reputation, or what you have a reputation for, will link with the other cards.  For example, with the Sun we see a positive reputation or even a reputation for success. 

With the Fox, you might have a reputation for deceit.  More positively, it can show a reputation for street smarts, and in terms of a job, the independent/entrepreneurial side of the Fox could show a talent agent - someone concerned with promoting other people's fame.  This would be strengthened by cards such as the Meadow (Garden) (promoting via social media), or the Flowers (promoting someone's creative reputation).  At a literal level, if you have the Stars combined with the Moon we have a stellar reputation or a famous star ;)

The Key

While some readers consider this a 'yes' card, it can tell you far more than that.  The Key offers insight and the ability to unlock potential, as well as being about problem-solving.  Once again, these are very positive traits when looking for work, either as en employee or working for yourself.

Given the unlocking potential side of the card, especially when linked with the Tower it would suggest some kind of teaching.  The Key, Tower and Garden together would be a state school teacher, while a private school teacher might be suggested more by the Key, Tower and Fish. 

The Bear could also make an appearance, as a mentor in unlocking your potential - a business coach, for instance.  A life coach would more likely be the Tree with the Bear and the Key (a mentor to help you grow at the level of body mind and spirit), and a magical life coach (like myself) would be the Stars, Bear and Key :D

Thinking about the problem-solving aspect of this card, pairing it with the Stars for science and technology, and the Book for academia, might point to a scientific researcher of some kind.  A forensic accountant, who problem-solves by delving into the background of finances, could be the Key with the Fish (possibly adding in the Coffin to point to the ill health of the finances being looked into).

The Fish

This card is often used to represent money, the give and take or flow of lucre for services or goods.  It might just be the money you need for the weekly shop, or it could be more about currency exchange.  The Fish also talk about quantity, and things multiplying - a good thing for finances, generally.

Taking the key word of finances, then combined with the Letter we have a financial reporter or journalist, combined with the Book more like an auditor or accountant.  The Fish with the Ship and the Fox could be read as a currency trader.  With the Garden, we have someone working with public funding.

If we look more to the flow side of the Fish, pairing it with the Rider for vigorous exercise, or the Whips for repetitive movements, might give us a yoga or dance teacher. 
The Anchor

For me, the Anchor is my main work card.  In it, I see work which provides a degree of stability, that we feel at home with, and where we are willing to work hard.  However, the Anchor can always be raised, so the Ship can move to a new port - it doesn't mean we have to be locked into something forever, though paired with the Tree it might well suggest a job for life.

The Anchor can represent feeling the weight of responsibility, and as a job strength it certainly indicates someone who can handle that weight.  With the Bear, we see a hard-working, responsible manager, who can deal with people (especially if combined with the Garden) and resources (especially if the Fish is added to the mix).

At a more literal level, it could represent someone who works on the sea, or in a port - paired with the Tower we might have a port authority officer.  Combined with the Rider and the Tree, a life guard at the beach, perhaps...

The Cross

As a card of burdens, the Cross might suggest trouble in our career.  However, the positive side of this is that there is a life lesson to be learnt here.  In terms of strengths, it suggests someone who believes in what they are doing, and someone who is used to shouldering heavy burdens, who can cope with sorrow.  As such, it might be a positive card for someone who works in bereavement (coupled perhaps with the Coffin and the Tower).

And if it's your job to help people with their life lessons, providing guidance, then that could be shown by the Stars combined with the Cross.  The Cross also connects with faith, and so with the Tower we might see someone working as a priest or minister.

What other strengths or careers do these cards suggest to you?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Constellation Reading/Spell

Sometimes, the borderline between a spell and a reading is a little fuzzy, and this is a good thing.  One of the great joys in doing Lenormand spells is that you can also "read" the spread you create, and this may give added insight into the situation you were doing the spell for.

Another of the benefits of the Lenormand system for this kind of combined spell/reading is the fact that the cards have playing card associations as well as Lenormand numbers/objects.  This can be particularly helpful when it comes to creating a spell or doing a reading on a situation with a number of people involved.

For example, this is a spell that was created to help a young couple who had recently moved house, and had an issue with their neighbours.  The Storks are associated with the Queen of Hearts, and the Child with the Jack of Spades.  The young couple were someone who works in the caring professions, and someone who is quite forthright and open, acting with a good will, but not always with tact.  As for the neighbours, these were two older men, an architect (House - King of Hearts), and a business man (Fish - King of Diamonds).

At the centre of the spell, we placed the Lily.  While also associated with the King of Spades, the Lenormand keywords of harmony and peace were the reasons behind the choice here.  For the "action" part of the cross, we placed the Key for problem-solving, the Ring for commitment, the Paths for good choices, and the Sun for success.  Overall, this emphasised the couple's wish for problem-solving through a commitment to harmonious choices to bring success to the situation between these four people.

Once the spell was in place, reading the triplets of the lines offered some extra help. 

Storks, Key, House: home renovations are key to the situation.  Ring, Lily, Paths: a commitment to this new section of their life's path requires approaching it with pure intentions.  Fish, Sun, Child: shining an open light on money matters will help.

The couple agreed that some of the issues were around renovations that were being carried out on communal parts.  They hoped that demonstrating that they had acted in good faith, and agreeing to the older men's requests for transparency, were both probably helpful strategies in coming to an understanding with them.

Hopefully, this shows the way the cards can be used to create a spell which helped the couple prepare to negotiate with their neighbours.  It expressed their desire for harmony, and also gave them some suggestions on how to best go about achieving it at a practical level, too.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Career Questions: Part Five

Continuing this series of posts on jobs in the Lenormand cards, today we cover the Ring to the Moon.
The Ring

The Ring speaks of commitment, and in terms of strengths is a great card, showing someone who has the capacity to commit and stand by what they say. 

As for jobs, it could by itself suggest cyclical work.  Combined with the Fish and the Letter, for instance, that could point to tax accounting, with its cycles based on the financial year and governmental tax requirements. Paired with the Scythe, we might see cyclical agricultural work.

The contractual side of the Ring can also point to legal areas: with the Bear it could be a contract manager or lawyer.  With the Fox, perhaps an independent legal adviser, or independent contractor.

The Book

The Book can stand for secrets, esoteric learning, and also big projects such as writing a book.  When teamed with the Anchor, it could stand for being secretive about your work, or a job that is confidential.  That might be highlighted by a combination of Ship, Flowers and Book - diplomatic work abroad that requires secrecy - spy, anyone? ;)

When teamed with the Tower, we might see a librarian, or someone in academia.  When paired with the Letter, the aspect of writing is highlighted, suggesting an author.  This could be a spiritual author (Letter, Book, Stars), or someone who writes about catamarans (Letter, Book, Ship), or someone who writes about agribusiness (Letter, Book, Scythe, Fish).

In terms of job strengths, being able to keep confidentiality is important in many professions.  However, the inability to open up to others can be an issue if a role requires teamwork.

The Letter

Turning to the Letter, we have more writing, but this time of shorter pieces.  So, various kinds of journalists would be covered.  For example, gossip columnists (Birds, Letter), celebrity journalists (Moon, Birds, Letter), horoscope writers (Stars, Letter), financial journalists (Fish, Letter), or political pundits (Garden, Tower, Letter).

An ability to write with clarity, consciseness and precision is a great strength in many different professions.  There is a degree of strategy to the Letter: both in terms of putting the written word out there (with Garden and Book, for example, community information officer) and in terms of writing action plans and to-do lists (with Bear, we have a manager who lays things out clearly and in writing).

The Man

Taking the male person cards as representing more than just "the querent is a man, or there is an important man in their life", we can see the Man as indicating rationality, logic, and action.  While these are by no means limited to men, such binary distinctions can be useful as signposts, rather than taken as fact.  In terms of strengths, these characteristics might be useful in scientific research (with Book and Stars), or as an exam marker (with Scythe and Letter, for making the cut in a written paper).

In terms of jobs, this card could also represent someone working in a particular forum, such as a men's club (with the Garden).

The Woman

In the same way, the Woman can represent intuition, emotion, and a willingness to wait-and-see.  These would be positive character traits for anyone in one of the caring professions, such as nursing (with Coffin and Tower), or counselling of some kind (with Birds). 

It could also point to working with women (a women's shelter, for instance, with the Tower and the House).

The Moon

This card points to ideas about fame and reputation, as well as emotions and cycles.  These may be linked ideas, in that we can feel quite emotional about how people see us, and that fame is based on the last thing you did, rather than being naturally enduring.

Spin doctoring would seem to fall naturally under the aegis of this card paired with the Garden.  And working as a publicity agent might also be suggested, perhaps paired with the Fox.

These are once again just suggestions, and I'd love to hear what professions or job strengths YOU see in these cards...

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Intuition and Lenormand

A few years back, Melissa Hill, the creator of several lovely self-published Lenormand's (the Melissa Lenormand and the Postmark Lenormand), posted a hilarious YouTube video.  Titled "Shit Lenormand Readers Say", it's a great spoof of some of the rigid thinking that sometimes comes into the Lenormand community.  The one she says most often is "But Lenormand cards aren't read intuitively!"

I was reminded of this video by a few posts on Instagram recently.  Seems like this dead duck refuses to stop quacking.  So, I wanted to post a bit about it.

It is totally true that Lenormand cards aren't traditionally read in the same intuitive style as many people use for tarot.  The intention is not that you see a cute-looking Mouse card and think the Mice are telling you something small and cute is coming your way.  Rather, the cards act like pictographs: they spark keywords.  Mice, for instance, is associated with theft, pollution, tainting, undermining, eroding.  However, once you have those keywords, then you should absolutely let your intuition come into play!

Below is a little brainstorm linking three cards I drew at random from the Celtic Lenormand, asking what I should be aware of at this time: the Chickens (Birds), the Cat (Dog), and the Hill Fort (Tower).

Above each image I have put some of the traditional keywords.  Between the cards, I have put some suggestions of how each pair might combine.  Then, along the bottom, there are a couple of suggestions of how all three might meld together.

Which combinations of keywords you use, and how you put them together, is where the intuition comes in.  Should they all be melded together, or is there a sentence in there?  Is mirroring important?  Is the first card the key, and the other two follow together, or do you work from the centre out, or do the first two lead to the last?  Or a combination of these?

If I worked in a business environment, perhaps the first interpretation might have been useful.  That's not the case, and so, still staying with the keywords, I came to the second: Independence from social talk and from corporate speak.  In this, I was also mirroring the Chickens with the Hill Fort, to give me corporate speak.  Having just given my first session as a magical life coach, this made a lot of sense to me.  There is a fine line to tread between being just plain chatty and going off into institutional jargon.

I hope this example helps to clarify where the intuition is in a traditional Lenormand reading :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Self-Belief Spell

Self-belief is a funny thing.  Sometimes we can project it, yet may not actually feel it.  Or else we feel it in some ways, but not in others.  And being human, those ways we don't feel it tend to seem like the ones that count!

Doing some journaling this week, this came up for me powerfully.  So, I decided to create a spell to help... 

Obviously, you can place at the centre the card you most relate to.  I have used the Lady, because she feels stronger and more spiritual to me than the Woman, and those are characteristics I'd like to strengthen.  Around her, I have placed the Flowers for creativity and feeling touched by grace; the Stars for a sense of direction; the Fish for feelings of worth or value; and the Fierce Snake for defending my own boundaries and values. 

This layout could be filled out with cards in the corners to make a nine square, though for this I think it's good to keep it simple.  You can always work on other aspects at another time.  And of course you could choose different cards to represent the characteristics you want to strengthen...

Which cards would you choose?