Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Spiritual Messages Business Spell

Inspired by comments last week from Lisa Frideborg and Cathi Bew, I decided to create a spell for someone setting up a psychic phone line.  However, it could also be used for setting up a spiritual business based on communicating messages in other ways. 

One of the things I love about Lenormand spells is that the different techniques for reading each throw, combined with the various keywords for each card, lead to a number of interpretations that layer together to give the spell more depth and power.

The cards I chose are: Bard/Rider, Owls, Stars, Child, Boat, Tree, Songbirds, Book, Key.

If we read these cards in lines, with the centre cards as the themes, we get:

Phone calls about spiritual messages/wise spiritual messages shared.
A business that is just beginning and will be enduring.
Mysteries that are unlocked through talking (on the phone)/healing through esoteric insight.

Looking at the corners, we have Bard, Key, Songbirds, Stars:

Insightful messages unlock spiritual healing.

And reading the central cross - Owls, Child, Boat, Tree, Book - says:

Opening to wisdom is a journey that offers lasting knowledge/openly sharing wisdom creates a business that offers lasting knowledge.

Reading the columns suggests:

Trust in healing through messages delivered (over the phone).
A business focused on expressing esoteric knowledge through the wisdom of people conversing (over the phone).
Spiritual connection at every level is key.

There are other messages in there which I won't elucidate, as they are a little more personal and specific.  Meditating on these cards, visualising them during a spell, and perhaps speaking some of these messages as affirmations, can be a powerful practice for anyone wanting to grow a business based on communicating spiritual messages.


  1. Creating a spell like this is only the first step but revealing all the layers is an art in itself. :)

    1. As you say, thinking through the layout is just one step, but one I always enjoy :) It's also true that I often tweak things when I have time to meditate during my casting...

  2. Brilliant Chloe! Thank you so much for this. I will let you know how I get this space! xxx

    1. Wonderful, Cathi, I hope you find it helpful! :) Cxx

  3. Ohhhh, this is super nifty - thanks for sharing! And wow, you just proved how the different Birds cards come in handy! Love the way you read/weave the card meanings and so happy to have been part of the inspiration for it :)

    1. Tee hee, as a double Gemini who loves to talk, you can't have too many Birds cards :D Seriously, though, your comments really got me thinking, so thanks for that!


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