Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Career Questions: Part Four

Continuing this series of posts looking at career questions through the lens of Lenormand cards and combinations, this week it's the turn of the Tower through the Heart.

The Tower

Associated with institutions and authority, this card suggests strong leadership qualities.  It may also point to a career in an institutional setting, such as a hospital or hospice (with the Coffin).  With the Book, a career as an academic is suggested, while adding in the Child we might have a schoolteacher, or headmaster/mistress.  The Tower with the Child alone points more to children's services, while adding in the Coffin could suggest an orphanage or children's hospital.

In terms of services to corporations, rather than from them, the Tower with the Birds might be read as a work psychologist, while the Tower with the Fox would be more like a business coach.  Combining the Tower, Meadow (Park) and Flowers, suggests a corporate events organiser or a career in corporate hospitality.

The Meadow (Garden/Park)

On its own, the Meadow suggests someone sociable or community-minded.  Combined with the Flowers, we could have a social beauty, someone who makes a living from being in the public eye, like a D-list celebrity.  On the other hand, the diplomatic aspect of the Flowers combined with the Meadow and the Ship could point to a position in the diplomatic services, or perhaps more prosaically hosting events for tourists.

The Meadow with the Tower returns us to institutions, in the form of social services.  Adding in the Stars we might have someone who is the public face of a company on social media, as well as spreading the company message more generally. 

Combining the Meadow with the Bear highlights the hospitality side of the card, as well as pointing to someone who manages community resources.  It could also suggest someone who works for Weight Watchers or a similar public diet system (more so if combined with the Fox as someone independent or who has helpful skills to contribute).

The Mountain

In terms of job skills, a Mountain person is certainly determined and able to persevere, as well as standing firm in their position.  Indomitable would be a good word for the attitude a Mountain person has.  As a team player, though, others may see them as being the killjoy who always comes up with objections to any idea.  However, solving these problems in the early stages of a project can be very valuable, and make it far better in the long run.

The Mountain with the Paths could suggest someone who comes up with different ways around problems, especially if combined with the Key.  On a completely different tack, it could also point to a mountain walking guide!

The Mountain with the Scythe indicates someone who can cut through obstacles, anything from a sewage technician to a more general 'fixer' :)

The Paths

As a card of choices, and of following your life's path, this card indicates someone decisive, and/or who sees the options and opportunities in every situation.  Especially with the Key it indicates problem-solving, and with the Flowers, doing so creatively.

At a simple level, this card can indicate going for a walk, and making choices, so it could be a walking guide.  Combined with the Ship, it might be a tourist guide.  At a more profound level, it suggests someone who helps others find options.  Combined with the Birds, it would suggest a life coach, and adding in the Stars to the combination could represent a personal development coach.

Combined with the Fish, we see someone who makes or advises on financial decisions, such as a financial advisor.  This would be highlighted with the Letter card for a financial accounts advisor, or with the Book for someone who is involved more with high level strategic financial decisions and information.

The Mice

Following the post about a month back that looked at some of the positives of "negative" cards, one thing that comes to mind here is working as a preacher or deacon - someone who chooses to be "poor as a church mouse" as part of their ministry.  On the other hand, combined with the Meadow and the Fish, we might see a televangelist, the very opposite, but showing a "poor" face!

The Mice are often seen as thieves, and while not many people may admit to wanting to be a career criminal, they certainly exist.  And other professions may have an edge of this energy, taking from Peter to give to Paul.  Tax collectors (combined with the Fish and the Letter, perhaps) may not see themselves in this light, but others might...

The Heart

As a card of emotion, this is not one that straight away yells "work".  However, in combination, there are many professions around relationships and sentiment.  For example, a Hallmark card artist might be seen in the combination of the Heart and the Flowers.  Or a relationship counsellor in the Heart with the Birds.  Someone who manages an online dating site might be represented by the Heart with the Bear and the Stars, while the Stars, Heart and Letter could indicate a relationship horoscope writer.

In terms of strengths, this would indicate someone who is good at sensing the emotion within the workplace.  If they have some managerial skills to add to this (the Bear), they would make a very sensitive boss who listens to what people really want, getting the best from their team. 

Do you have any particular job associations to any of these cards, or any special combinations?  I'd love to hear your take on them!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Channelling the Empress

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Our blog hop wrangler, Alison, decided to do something totally new this round, which is always exciting.  She asked each blogger to pick a card of the Major Arcana, and no-one could double up until all the cards had been taken. However, it did make things a bit tougher for me, as this is a Lenormand blog!

Still, it gave me the excuse to combine the DruidCraft Tarot (Connections, 2004) with the Celtic Lenormand (US Games, 2014), both with art by Will Worthington: I think they look great together!

I decided to use the cards to design a spell based around the Empress.  Her energy is one of creativity and abundance, both of which are lovely for inviting a successful project or business adventure into your life.  However, it's good to be a bit more focused, and what better than the practicality of the Lenormand cards for that?!

Fish - flow, money, finaces
Flowers - creativity, grace
Lady - a strong, entrepreneurial woman, female energy
Book - esoteric knowledge, a project
Sun - energy, success

Reading the line across from left to right, with the card to the right modifying the one before it, gives:
Creative flow through feminine grace leads an esoterically focused woman through a successful project.

Mirroring the cards:
Financial success of a creative project for a woman.

Affirmations that might come from this:
Through divine grace, I find my creative flow.  My creativity leads me to financial success.

Hop on round the rest of the posts to find what I'm sure will be a huge variety of different thoughts and ideas about every Major in the deck!

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Career Questions: Part Three

In this third post looking at work questions, we'll take a look at cards 13 through 18, from the Child to the Dog.

The Child

The most obvious suggestion here is some kind of work involving children.  Paired with the Tower, we might think of a school, or if we add the Tree, Children's Health Services. Adding the Birds to the Child and Tower could indicate a school psychologist, or adding the Rider (or Birch Rods depending on your 'sport' association) might give us an Occupational Therapist or gym teacher.  The Child with the House could show childcare in the home, your own or that of the child.

Another keyword for the Child is 'new', so this could indicate a new job. In that case, surrounding cards would indicate the arena for this new career.  The Child can also indicate someone who is open and honest, which are strengths in many fields of endeavour.  However, they may not be recommended for lawyers, stock brokers or professional poker players ;)

The Fox

Many readers see the Fox as someone with street smarts, or who works independently.  It could suggest a (sub)contractor.  Paired with the Fish, this could be an accountant; paired with the Letter a freelance copywriter, or independent journalist.

In terms of strengths, as well as street smarts the Fox suggests someone who can sniff out a good deal (paired with the Fish again, perhaps), and who trusts their instincts.

The Bear

Knowing how to make best use of the resources to hand, this card indicates someone with managerial skills.  How these are applied can be suggested by surrounding cards.  With the House, it points to a person who is talented at managing all the chores of the home, reinforcing the "mother" connection.  With the Tower, it is an organisation that is managed, with the Fish money management comes into play. 

The Bear can also be about diet more specifically - managing what we eat.  So, dieticians fit with this card, especially when paired with the Tree.  Other forms of health management could also be indicated - adding the Rider or Birch Rods would be another possible grouping for someone helping with health through exercise.

With its meaning of strength, the Bear can suggest jobs where physical strength is needed - paired with the Storks, for instance, it could be working as a removals specialist.  Teamed with the Coffin and the Tower, we might see someone who needs either strength or organisational skills to manage the heavy-lifting of dealing with people with disabilities in an institutional setting.

The Stars

This card points to different areas that help to clarify our understanding of the world.  It highlights spiritual understanding, standing for psychic abilities, and can also indicate astrology.  As suggested in last week's spell, when paired with the Birds it could be someone who provides spiritual help over the phone, or who passes along those messages to help with healing.

However, the Stars can also move into more scientific and technical arenas, not just astronomy, but map-making (with the Letter), computer programming (with the Man/Lord for the "rational" side), and scientific research (with the Book).

In terms of strengths, the Stars indicates someone who is clear sighted, and who can maintain a degree of detachment.

The Storks

As an indicator of migration, this card could suggest someone who facilitates house moves.  With the Bear as strength, that could be a removal company.  With the Tower, a company who helps with the paperwork and other practicalities and bureaucratic necessities for a big move.

In terms of strengths, the Storks point to someone who is willing and able to change, to progress.  Quite a dynamic personality, yet also flexible.

The Dog

What comes up most easily with the Dog is the idea of someone trustworthy, loyal, a real "company asset" in human form.  In terms of a job, this would be a "job for life", though those seem ever rarer in this day and age.

The Dog can also be "like a dog with a bone", someone who won't let go of something once they've got their teeth into it.  As such, they would make a dedicated researcher (with the Book), an efficient editor (with the Letter), or a great guide (with the Paths).

What other careers do you see in these cards?

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Spiritual Messages Business Spell

Inspired by comments last week from Lisa Frideborg and Cathi Bew, I decided to create a spell for someone setting up a psychic phone line.  However, it could also be used for setting up a spiritual business based on communicating messages in other ways. 

One of the things I love about Lenormand spells is that the different techniques for reading each throw, combined with the various keywords for each card, lead to a number of interpretations that layer together to give the spell more depth and power.

The cards I chose are: Bard/Rider, Owls, Stars, Child, Boat, Tree, Songbirds, Book, Key.

If we read these cards in lines, with the centre cards as the themes, we get:

Phone calls about spiritual messages/wise spiritual messages shared.
A business that is just beginning and will be enduring.
Mysteries that are unlocked through talking (on the phone)/healing through esoteric insight.

Looking at the corners, we have Bard, Key, Songbirds, Stars:

Insightful messages unlock spiritual healing.

And reading the central cross - Owls, Child, Boat, Tree, Book - says:

Opening to wisdom is a journey that offers lasting knowledge/openly sharing wisdom creates a business that offers lasting knowledge.

Reading the columns suggests:

Trust in healing through messages delivered (over the phone).
A business focused on expressing esoteric knowledge through the wisdom of people conversing (over the phone).
Spiritual connection at every level is key.

There are other messages in there which I won't elucidate, as they are a little more personal and specific.  Meditating on these cards, visualising them during a spell, and perhaps speaking some of these messages as affirmations, can be a powerful practice for anyone wanting to grow a business based on communicating spiritual messages.