Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Mice

Last week, I wrote about how the seed to dealing with seemingly difficult or negative cards can be found in the card itself.  Nevertheless, I must admit that, until now, the only positive I had seen in the Mice was their ability to eat away at things we don't like or want. 

That changed with something I read this week. I've always loved the linguistic side of Lenormand, and the fact that it represents folk wisdom rather than esoteric wisdom.  And it was in common idioms that I found the seeds of an answer to the depredations of the Mice.

If you are worried about the undermining aspect of this card, perhaps it would be good to keep 'as quiet as a mouse'.  Not drawing attention to yourself could help keep people from thinking about stealing from you, be it ideas or something more tangible.  If you go unnoticed, so does what you have of value.

Another idea is to act as though you were 'as poor as a church mouse'.  One aspect of this is once again about not presenting yourself as a target.  Another aspect is that the nibbling away aspect of the Mice can relate to how your money 'disappears' through lots of little things. 

It could be the coffee you buy on the walk to work or the sandwich you get at lunch, every day.  Or maybe it's the 'cheap' pair of earrings you find at a market stall or the little snacks, treats, magazines or toys placed by the checkout counter to tempt you into a last-minute purchase.  These things add up. So, the church mouse analogy suggests living frugally, at least for a time. 

When the Clover or the Sun come up, it will be time for a little splurge.  Or maybe the Flowers will indicate a gift coming your way.  While the Mice hold sway, though, try staying quiet and parsimonious.


  1. I love it that we can keep digging deeper and deeper when we are working with our cards (especially these ones :))


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