Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Career Questions: Part Two

Welcome to the second part in this series looking at suggestions around work and career based on the Lenormand cards.  This time, we'll look at cards 7 through 12 - the Snake to the Birds.

The Snake

One keyword for the Snake is boundaries: it lays down a line in the sand with its movement.  Pairing it with the Tower might suggest some kind of border authority, or a career in dispute resolution.  The windingness of the Snake has been likened to tubes used for plumbing, and to electrical cables.  So, especially if paired with the Fox for an independent contractor, this could suggest a plumber or electrician.

Looking at the Shedding Snake's more transformative side, we might think of someone who helps people develop their personal boundaries, and helps them transform, such as an NLP practitioner of Life Coach. 

When paired with the idea that the Snake often represents a woman, there is the suggestion of working with or for women.  How that would manifest depends on the surrounding cards: the Whips or Rider for a female personal trainer; with the Tower it would be some kind of organisation dedicated to women's issues. 

The Burial Mound/Coffin

Representing endings and sickness, this card could indicate working in a hospice, or for a bereavement service (especially if paired with the Birds for talking about death), as well as undertakers more generally.  When paired with the Tower, there is the suggestion of working in a hospital, or other institutions connected with ill health.  

In terms of a specific job, pairing the Ring with the Coffin would suggest the end of a contract.  And thinking about strengths, someone who can handle endings can be a great asset in any business that requires a 'closer'. 

The Flowers/Bouquet 

This lovely card suggests beauty, creativity and charm.  As such it can indicate an artist, someone in contact with the flow of inspiration.  Paired with the House, we might think of interior design.  Paired with the Fish, someone who sells beauty, such as a cosmetics salesperson.  

The aspect of diplomacy and charm could be indicative of a diplomat, if combined with the Tower and the Ship, perhaps.  Or, at a simpler level and paired with the Meadow/Garden/Park, with someone working in hospitality. 

The Scythe

Associated with sudden shocks, sharp instruments, and the idea of harvest, this card offers a number of possibilities.  

The sharp instruments might suggest a surgeon perhaps paired with the Tower.  Or someone who makes knives, if paired with the Fish.  Having recently read an article about a family who have made a business of pre-cut material for quilting, I thought of the combination of House, Scythe and Flowers, for a creative cottage industry based on cutting.  

Turning to the idea of harvest, this could be a farmer.  The corn on many of the traditional versions of this card have led some readers to call this the bread card.  So, it could also suggest a baker.  

Another interpretation combining the idea of suddenness and making the cut is that of passing a test.  As a career, then, it could suggest someone who gives tests.  Paired with the Rider, it could be a driving test adjudicator.  Paired with the Whips, someone who tests something physical, or a judge for a dance competition. 

The Birch Rods/Whips

The Whips' suggestion of repetition might be indicative of working on a production line.  This card can also suggest addictions, so pairing it with the Birds would suggest an addictions counsellor. 

Janitorial work is another possibility with the Whips card.  Other jobs that focus on cleansing might be suggested by surrounding cards.  For instance, with the Stars we see spiritual cleansing, with the Sun energetic cleansing. 

The Birds

As already mentioned, the Birds is a card of talking, and can suggest any 'talking' professional.  Counsellors, in particular, who help people deal with the anxiety which is the dark side of this card.  A professional orator would also be indicated by this card. 

The connection to telephone conversations is suggestive of someone working in a call centre.  If paired with the Fish and the Book, it might suggest someone talking to uncover secrets for money, such as a market researcher. 

What work do you do?  And what card or combination do you feel best represents it?


  1. Thanks for sharing! Great pointers here, Chloe. What card + Birds would you have for phone psychic?

    1. Hmm, I think probably Birds and Stars, with possibly the Rider, too - messages from spirit, communicated with clarity :D

    2. Yes, that sounds like it would work. I was thinking Book for the mysteries of the Tarot too :)


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