Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Touch of Magic

The Celtic Lenormand companion book was the first place to mention the idea of using Lenormand cards in spell work, something I have been doing for several years now.  And while I will be running webinars and workshops on this subject later in the year, this weekend sees my first webinar on Tarot Magic.  So, for this week, I thought I would share a little spell I designed.  Next week will see part two of the series on career questions in the cards.

Choosing cards to represent your intention helps to keep your focus clear.  And using images speaks to your subconscious.  Lenormand cards have the added benefit of keywords, helping to create affirmations to strengthen that focus even more.

Rider + Stars: guiding messages/clear messages
Stars + Letter: written guidance
Letter + Flowers: creative writing
Rider + Flowers: messages of grace

At it's base, I am asking for guidance in creatively writing guidance for others for the webinar.  Having promised an eBook to accompany the webinar, what it covers has grown due to some requests, and so it is not finished yet.  Listening to spirit, to those messages of grace, will help me write what is necessary.

I receive guidance to help me write creatively and with clarity.


  1. What a lovely and well created spell. I wish you lots of writing inspiration!
    btw I've made a little spell/visual intent myself for sticking to my gratitude practice:
    Clover + Letter + flowers. I think I will write a little post about it too

    1. Thanks, Ellen, glad you liked it. I shall look forward to reading about your spell, too :)


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