Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Using Affirmations

Last week's post on using the deity attributions in the Celtic Lenormand leads on nicely to using affirmations.  Affirmations help adapt your mindset to achieve what you want.  Repeating a positive affirmation over the course of the day, or over a longer period, can influence your thought patterns.

There are some suggested affirmations for each card in the deck.  It's also great to come up with your own.  These will be better tailored to your specific situation and the way you think about the world.

One way of working with affirmations and these cards is to simply pick a card and use an affirmation that fits it.  For example, the Tree might lend itself to something like: "I feel healthy and well."  Or you might say "I communicate effectively and harmoniously," if you draw the Songbirds.

Another way of using this aspect of the deck is to throw a reading, and pick one or two cards that feel most relevant.  Here, I threw a line of five:

Clover, Key, Hill Fort/Tower, Meadow/Garden, House.
These might be read as follows: problem-solving opportunities (Clover/Key) require the insight of isolation (Key/Tower).  Community hierarchy (Tower/Meadow) can make for a secure group (Meadow/House).

I see this saying that although the comfort of being in a group with clear structures can be appealing, sometimes we need isolation if we're going to have an 'aha' moment of inspiration.  With the Tower at the centre, and this reading, I might use the affirmation: "I gain perspective through time alone."

You can also create one or two affirmations from the reading itself.  For instance, here I might say: "I take the opportunity to solve problems by myself." (Clover/Key/Tower)  And: "I use these insights to feel more comfortable within group structures." (Key/Tower/Meadow/House)

You can stick to a simple one card draw and using an affirmation from the book, or create more personal affirmations for yourself from a reading.  Either way, this practice can help strengthen your resolve and bring you greater clarity.


  1. I am loving this deck even more today than I did yesterday. Can you imagine how I will feel in may on my birthday !!!:D:D

    1. I hope it will be a day of joy, for many reasons :D

  2. This deck still hasn't made it to Canada. I grow old waiting for publications. Or maybe the delivery trucks froze on the way up from the States?

    I've always liked that Songbirds card--love the different birds.

    1. Hey, it hasn't made it to Europe, either, so you're not alone :)

      And glad you like the Songbirds! Took us a while to get that one right...

  3. I'm not registered here but I would like to thank Inner Whispers for such a lovely Lenormand deck! I've got it yesterday from the USA. My husband is there and he sent it to me. I feel so happy:) I'm a beginner with the cards and it's a pleasure to work with nice ones. Thank you!

    1. Hiya, so glad you've got the deck and are enjoying it! I hope you'll have a wonderful time learning this system, and have many useful, beautiful readings :)


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