Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Following A Thread

Starting top right with one card, then carrying on around
When writing about throwing a Grand Tableau a few weeks back, I wanted to demonstrate an interesting extra reading technique.  The idea is that you follow the thread of cards from the House of a theme that particularly interests you, to gain more insight into it.

As the demonstration didn't work very clearly that time, I thought to try again with a different variation on this idea.  Here, instead of throwing the whole GT from the start, you use a cloth or piece of paper marked with the names or numbers of the Houses.  Then you pull a card to place on the House that interests you.  In this case I chose the Letter.

Having drawn Flowers, the next card goes on the House of Flowers, and for that I pulled Meadow.  Card number three then went on the House of Meadow, and it was the Letter.  So, that completed this rather short thread.

As for reading the thread: the gift of writing (Flowers/Letter) in a creative group (Meadow/Flowers) makes tangible the sense of community (Letter/Meadow).  Which reminds me to say that next week's post will be on Friday instead of Wednesday, as it forms part of the Tarot Blog Hop Spring Fling.  I love being part of the community of bloggers writing about divination, and there's still time to sign up for this hop, if you'd like to be a part of it, too...

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