Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Calling On Deity

After three weeks of looking at the full 45-card Grand Tableau (find that here, here and here), this week I wanted to focus on a different, smaller scale option offered by the Celtic Lenormand.  Something particular to this deck, with its pagan theme.

While the two Tree cards and the three Birds cards are most specifically God and Goddess cards respectively, every card in the Celtic Lenormand has some suggestions for accompanying deities.  There are several ways to make use of this pagan aspect to the cards.  One way is to draw a card, choose one of the associated deities, and meditate on that card and deity's energy for the day.

Another way is to draw cards as you normally would, and then use one or more of the cards from your reading as a focus for spirit.  I decided to use this method for today's post.

Drawing three cards gave me the following line:

Oak Tree, Fish, Chickens
At a mundane level, these cards speak to financial health (Oak Tree/Fish) through the flow of social communication (Fish/Chickens).  Yeah, okay: I ought to do more social networking and marketing!  I don't check in on Facebook every day, ignore my LinkedIn Profile, have most of my tweets automated, and only pin to Pinterest sporadically.  Right, today I shall make this my focus...

At a more spiritual level, it's hilarious that one of the God and Goddess cards have come up to frame this reading!  My intention writ large.  And also a reminder to balance both aspects, honour both the male and female, in order to truly find abundance and flow in life.

So, I chose a male and female deity from the list associated with the Fish, as the central card, and the one framed by the God and Goddess in this reading.  Lugh is an Irish God of Commerce, and Lakshmi a Hindu Goddess of Abundance.  Good energies to call on when seeking financial health :D


  1. Wow this aspect does give the cards an interesting and more spiritual layer. I like how God(dess) is represented by symbols in this deck. Often a symbol it so much more encompassing than the actual image of a god or goddess

    1. Glad you like it, Ellen. As you say, it's an added layer, rather than a whole rewriting of the system. The deities for each card are appropriate to the Lenormand understanding of the card.

      And yes, I agree that a symbol can be much more encompassing than a "graven image" of a deity that might seem to limit an energy which is far wider ranging than just a particular kind of person :)


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