Wednesday, 4 February 2015

45 Card Grand Tableau - Part One

As I mentioned on Monday, it is perfectly possible to throw a Grand Tableau using all 45 cards from the Celtic Lenormand.  Doing so brings a lot of material, though, so I shall look at different aspects and ways of reading it over the course of several posts.

For today, I wanted to focus on advice for the current turn of the Wheel of the Year.  Sunday was Imbolc, or Brigid's Day, the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.  It marks the first stirrings of spring, though there was little sign of that here, I must say!  I woke to traces of snow outside.  Still, the first green shoots are starting to push their way up through the soil...

In the Celtic Lenormand, the Songbirds card represents this festival.  Looking around that card can give advice for this turn of the Wheel, a spiritual focus for the next six weeks. 

As you can see from the photo, the Songbirds fell on the last line of the spread.  However, in the same way as you can count around a GT, moving from the last card back to the first, it is possible to transpose cards to still have a nine square to read around a card at the outer edge of the GT.  Following that procedure gives us the nine square shown here.

Bear, Owls, Oak, Heart, Songbirds, Flowers, Hill Fort (Tower), Burial Mound (Coffin), Bard (Male Rider).

Reading the corners gives me a theme for this period: a need for strength in the face of messages regarding institutional health concerns.  I know exactly what that is about, something that came up last week connected to the assistance we receive in relation to my elder son's disabilities.  And the advice moving forward: emotional wisdom shared brings the gift of closure.  Practically, I need to help my partner accept the withdrawal of some state support, and also reach out for wisdom and emotional support from others who have experience in this type of situation.

This may not seem exactly a spiritual message, after all it has practical suggestions attached.  Yet, this isn't something that is in the foreground of my life.  However, the message from spirit is that I would do well to put some of my energy into this over the coming turn of the Wheel.

When throwing a 45 card GT like this, if you want it to be a reading for the year you can interpret the cards around each of the eight sabbat cards for messages for each turn of the Wheel.  Revisiting the reading over the course of the year can be a very useful exercise, refining the interpretations and reminding yourself of the spiritual messages offered.

That's it for this week.  Next week I'll examine a different aspect of reading this 45 card Grand Tableau.

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