Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Triple Goddess Spread

This week, I wanted to demonstrate one of the spreads I created specifically for the Celtic Lenormand.  This nine card Triple Goddess spread is designed to seek advice from spirit, looking at what inspires us (Maiden/Songbirds), what we can create (Mother/Chickens) and what guides us (Crone/Owls). 

It's laid out as a line of nine.  You can use the three Bird cards as anchor points/significators in positions 2, 5 and 8, and I've added a card on top of each of those, which is optional.  It would also be possible to use any deck for this spread, simply keeping the Goddess positions in mind in the same way you can use Houses without needing a card to represent them.  If you're not sure what I mean by that, check out this reading I posted last year :)

Nine Card Triple Goddess Spread
The cards I drew were: Fish, Lord/Songbirds, Ring, Burial Mound (Coffin), Mountain/Chickens, House, Rider, Boy/Owls, Boat

If I were reading this at an everyday level, I would see a logical approach to finances inspiring the end of a partnership, which could create the need to seek reliable information to guide a new venture.  That reading is actually relevant to my week, as I have to make an assessment on two tenders the company I work for has received to change their accountants.  

However, as this is a Triple Goddess Spread, I prefer to read it at a more spiritual level.  Blending the Lord and Fish gives me an inspiration through active flow.  If you go with the flow of a river, you go at the river's speed.  If you actively follow the flow, you go faster than the river!  That will inspire will me to end a commitment (Ring/Burial Mound) that has been creating blockages for me (Mountain/Chickens) in the area of messages that take me out of the home, both literally and metaphorically (House/Rider).  The guidance from the goddess is to take a fresh approach in this venture (Boy/Boat).

Now, although the fundaments of the message are similar, I see a call to actively go in the direction spirit is currently directing me, even if it means breaking a previous commitment.   Sometimes, if the road ahead is blocked, it is because we are called on to find a different path.  And I hope I will fulfill that commitment, just at a later time.  For now, being more playful and getting out of my comfort zone is closer to what my soul's journey calls for.

This makes perfect sense to me.  Last week, I was feeling very blocked and confused in a project which is deeply important to me.  While I don't like breaking commitments, even to myself, the advice to challenge my comfort zone and find a way to be more playful, too, will hopefully help me align better with spirit and move forward in a slightly different direction...


  1. Sometimes it is good to step away from something in order to make room for new ideas. When you are too focused you can create blind spots (if that makes sense)
    I was so pleased to find you have added these spiritual approaches in your guidebook
    Everyday I am checking if B.D. has the deck is in store yet :D

    1. As you say, Ellen. I'm sure I will go back to that project, but my promise to myself to do something on it this week has taken a back seat.

      As for the deck, I wouldn't expect it til the end of February, realistically. I have asked US Games today for an update on the situation at the port...


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