Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Triple Goddess Spread

This week, I wanted to demonstrate one of the spreads I created specifically for the Celtic Lenormand.  This nine card Triple Goddess spread is designed to seek advice from spirit, looking at what inspires us (Maiden/Songbirds), what we can create (Mother/Chickens) and what guides us (Crone/Owls). 

It's laid out as a line of nine.  You can use the three Bird cards as anchor points/significators in positions 2, 5 and 8, and I've added a card on top of each of those, which is optional.  It would also be possible to use any deck for this spread, simply keeping the Goddess positions in mind in the same way you can use Houses without needing a card to represent them.  If you're not sure what I mean by that, check out this reading I posted last year :)

Nine Card Triple Goddess Spread
The cards I drew were: Fish, Lord/Songbirds, Ring, Burial Mound (Coffin), Mountain/Chickens, House, Rider, Boy/Owls, Boat

If I were reading this at an everyday level, I would see a logical approach to finances inspiring the end of a partnership, which could create the need to seek reliable information to guide a new venture.  That reading is actually relevant to my week, as I have to make an assessment on two tenders the company I work for has received to change their accountants.  

However, as this is a Triple Goddess Spread, I prefer to read it at a more spiritual level.  Blending the Lord and Fish gives me an inspiration through active flow.  If you go with the flow of a river, you go at the river's speed.  If you actively follow the flow, you go faster than the river!  That will inspire will me to end a commitment (Ring/Burial Mound) that has been creating blockages for me (Mountain/Chickens) in the area of messages that take me out of the home, both literally and metaphorically (House/Rider).  The guidance from the goddess is to take a fresh approach in this venture (Boy/Boat).

Now, although the fundaments of the message are similar, I see a call to actively go in the direction spirit is currently directing me, even if it means breaking a previous commitment.   Sometimes, if the road ahead is blocked, it is because we are called on to find a different path.  And I hope I will fulfill that commitment, just at a later time.  For now, being more playful and getting out of my comfort zone is closer to what my soul's journey calls for.

This makes perfect sense to me.  Last week, I was feeling very blocked and confused in a project which is deeply important to me.  While I don't like breaking commitments, even to myself, the advice to challenge my comfort zone and find a way to be more playful, too, will hopefully help me align better with spirit and move forward in a slightly different direction...

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Different Perspectives, Different Selves 2

Last week, I explained a way of using both people cards to look at different aspects of someone's life.  In actually doing the reading, though, the cards had their own idea about what message I needed to hear.  Still, the method is a useful one, so I decided to show it reading for someone else.

Once again, I took all 45 of the Celtic Lenormand cards, shuffled them up and looked for the Lord and the Man cards.  The Lord, in this case, represents the man's work life and the Man his home life.  Then, I laid the two lines of five one above the other, so they can be easily compared.

Burial Mound (Coffin), Sun, Lord, Scythe, Female Rider/ Mice, Owls, Man, Tower, Moon.
Now, I can't go into specifics because of confidentiality questions.  However, the first line clearly shows some big changes in this man's work life, with both the Burial Mound and the Scythe pointing to potentially painful endings.  Still, the Sun suggests this change isn't all bad, and the Scythe partnered with the Rider suggest making a break with old ways of getting messages across.  This is very appropriate for someone who is considering taking his face-to-face business online, due to changes that have slashed the prospects for the work he has, before now, enjoyed. 

In his home life, too, all is not a bed of roses.  Communication with a corporation (Owls/Tower) has been emotionally draining (Mice/Moon).  This is true in two different regards, related to his house and his family situation.  There is a suggestion that poor communication (Mice/Owls) may well be part of the issue, and that the way these corporations are seen has been affected (Tower/Moon), as well as how they see him.  Advice here might involve holding his ground, getting some external support (Tower + Moon - emotional isolation), and communicating more clearly. 

When we compare both lines, a couple of things stand out.  How he communicates is an issue in both, suggesting this is an area to consider and work on more generally.  There is also the question of how much the difficulties in each area affect his responses in the other...

As you can see, this spread gives two different perspectives on a person's life and roles, and comparing how they manage these, the similarities and differences, can add an extra layer.  Do let me know if you give it a try!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Different Perspectives, Different Selves

Maybe it's just me, being a double Gemini.  Still, I suspect that many people have the experience of two very different roles in their lives (if not more).  For instance, there's the sometimes tricky negotiation between being a mother and working, or between your beloved hobby and not so beloved job.  Or between your personas as dutiful husband and father, and mad gamer...

I was thinking about this last week, when there was a distinct tension between my roles as mother and budding business woman.  Not enough time for everything, it feels like.  It reminded me of one of the uses of the extra people cards in the Celtic Lenormand.  In a reading that includes both versions, for example the Lady and the Woman, you can look at different aspects of your life. 

There are lots of ways to do this.  Perhaps the simplest is to shuffle up the entire deck, all 45 cards, and then look for the two significator cards that match you.  Looking at the cards to either side of them (I'd take two to either side, giving a line of five for each aspect), can be very enlightening.  Even more so if you place the two lines one above the other, so you can see correspondences and differences between the two aspects.

Deciding to illustrate this with a personal example, as it felt very relevant to me, I shuffled up my prototype cards.  However, the deck had a different answer in mind for me: the Lady and the Woman sat side by side!  So, I ended up with a line of 6:
Lily, Tree, Lady, Woman, Paths, Fish
What this says to me is that, currently, these two aspects of my life just can't be separated.  Moreover, finding a healthy balance that includes both will open up a lot of choices.  I am also advised to let my decisions flow from what is happening, rather than trying to force them.

On another note, the Celtic Lenormand is now available to be ordered from either U.S. Games' website, or from  Hopefully, European retailers will follow shortly.