Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Lenormand Leaps

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For this season's blog hop (follow the links to discover other blogs from around the world), our wrangler decided to go with a non-seasonal topic.  What, he asked, has helped us make a quantum leap in our readings?

In terms of Lenormand readings, my answer is clear: creating the Celtic Lenormand!  In Mary K. Greer's book 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card (Llewellyn, 2006), she suggests drawing cards, even if simply reproducing RWS imagery in sketch form, as a way to explore a card and its meanings.  While I did that with my Kindergarten Lenormand (2nd Edition, 2014), it was the actual designing, without drawing, of the Celtic Lenormand that made the biggest difference to me as a reader.

In the process, I really thought about how I read each image: which keywords I associate with each card; and how those keywords relate to the animal, object or person involved.  For instance, I connect the Dog with friendship and reliability.  By putting a stick at his feet, ready to play fetch, I subtly pointed towards those two aspects: you play with a friend, and a dog can be relied on to fetch a stick when thrown.

Or consider the Moon: two keywords for it are emotion and reputation.  Placing the Moon above dark waters suggests the aspect of emotion, while the Moon's reflection in the water hints at the idea of how we are seen by others, through their emotional perspective.  Of course, the Moon only shines because it reflects the sun's light, but that is an extra layer that remains implicit. 

While in reading Lenormand cards, these kinds of visual cues are not important, as the cards act more like pictographs pointing to keywords, I still felt it would be handy to have clues towards those keywords subtly in the images.  Also, in Lenormand readings the biggest factor is how the cards combine.  Even so, connecting with each card more profoundly makes such connections easier, too.  When Dog and Moon combine, for instance, we might have an emotional friend, be aware of a friend's reputation, or see a need for emotional reliability.  And when Moon and Dog combine, we may be able to rely on our reputation, have a reputation for friendliness, or be loyal in our emotions.

As for what a Lenormand leap would look like, perhaps the joy and enlightenment of the Sun coming after the delays and obstacles of the Mountain, or finding the Key to those mysteries held in the Book...

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

All I Want For Christmas...

About ten days ago, U.S. Games sent me through the final proofs for the Celtic Lenormand companion book, as well as the box and cardbacks.  They've changed the cardbacks in a way which I think looks gorgeous: intricate, yet soft and glowing.  As for the companion book, they picked out my very favourite image from the whole deck to illustrate it, which made me dance with delight!

The best news, though, is that after working through a few minor corrections, the final proofs are now with the printers.  They'll take about three months to produce everything, and then there's the time to put it all together.  Still, it means the decks should be ready in time for Christmas!  Definitely the best Yule gift I will be getting...