Saturday, 21 June 2014

Joy in Life and in the Cards

Child, Bear, Dog, Storks, Sun, Birds, Garden, Anchor, Stars
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Last year, for the Litha blog hop I looked at the making of the Sun card, which I associate with this time of year, and which in Lenormand terms represents joy, energy and success.  So, while that would have been very appropriate for the topic of this hop "joy", I knew I'd have to do something different.

What, I wondered, can the Celtic Lenormand tell us about joy?  Well, the cards can be used to look at life, and many people like using them in a very practical, everyday way.  What, then, are everyday expressions of joy?  Here are some combinations that might represent different kinds of joy:

Joy in expressing creativity: Flowers + Sun
A joyful date: Garden + Sun + Wo/Man
Enjoying a conversation with a friend: Birds + Dog + Sun
Joy at your child winning a prize at the science fair: Child + Flowers + Sun + Stars + Garden
Celebrating the completion of a work project: Anchor + Coffin + Sun + Garden + Flowers
Happiness that the baby is eating well: Child + Bear + Sun
Gladness at receiving a job promotion: Anchor + Sun + Storks
Seeking joy! - Stars + Sun

What joys are you experiencing, and how would you express them in Lenormand cards?

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