Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ostara Blog Hop: Lily Renewed

Final card - Martagon Lily

For those who don't yet know, the Celtic Lenormand is a 45 card deck due to be published by US Games later this summer.  While it is a standard Lenormand which can be read following that deck's tradition, it also has pagan influences.  For instance, there are associations between the cards and the eight sabbats on the Wheel of the Year.  These can be used for timing questions, or as a focus for readings around the sabbats.

Last year, I posted about the Lily card as part of that Ostara blog hop.  The responses I received to that post led to the card being overhauled.  So, I'd like to share those changes with you all, as part of this blog hop focused on renewal.

Lily of the Valley version
Originally, I thought to have a Lily of the Valley on this card.  White lilies are fairly common in Lenormand decks, and the Lily of the Valley also has connections to the Goddess Eostre, linked to this pagan celebration.  However, it turns out that the Lily of the Valley is no longer considered a true lily (it used to be, but botanists changed their minds!)  Combining that with the fact that traditionally the Lenormand Lily is associated with the King of France in particular (linked through the Fleur de Lys), and wise, older men in general (through the King of Spades playing card association), I decided to choose a different, true lily for this depiction. 

The Martagon Lily combines the purple of royalty (and spiritual enlightenment) with the more masculine protruding stamen you now see in the card.  I placed it at the foot of a great oak, to suggest the wisdom of age, and the commanding, masculine virtues of the Greenman/King of Spades.  As well as the association to an older man, the card can also be linked to sexuality (those protruding stamen and its pink/purple colour), and to harmony and balance (the wisdom brought by experience, and the purple of the crown chakra).  These associations connect well with this time of year, too, a time of renewal.  After all, you can get that feeling of renewed energy and vigour both from finding a better harmony and balance in your life and from enjoying your sexuality!