Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Wheel of the Year

Image from White Goddess
In the Tarot Blog Hop posts since last Yule, I've been writing about the eight cards in this deck which are associated with the festivals of the pagan Wheel of the Year.  You might wonder what these cards are intended for, when reading with the Celtic Lenormand.

Timing is something which a lot of people ask about, and having a simple system to look at it was my intention with these cards.  One possibility is to use them in specific spreads to look at the energies around that time of year in particular, as I did for the Yule blog hop back in December 2012.  This can be done not just with a nine square reading, but also with simpler lines of 3, 5, 7 or 9, or with more complex spreads such as the Master spread.

Another thing you can do with these sabbat cards is to look around each one in a Grand Tableau, to assess the timing of certain situations and events.  Or, as with the timing board system, you can re-shuffle the cards after a GT and lay them again, looking to the sabbat card houses for the timing of the events you saw in the GT. 

And speaking of the Wheel of the Year, the next post on this site will coincide with Mabon, on the 22nd of September at 7pm BST.

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