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Given the number of decks with extra cards these days, be it extra man and woman cards, two versions of the Birds, or additional cards like the Cat, some people wonder how to deal with a reading where more than one card of the same sort comes up.

In my experience, if two cards of the same number come up in a small reading, it can emphasise the differences in their meaning.  If just one had come up, you might use meanings from either version, but when two come up, you are often advised to focus on the differences.  For example, think what differences you perceive between Songbirds and Owls, or between people of different social classes, occupations or ethnic backgrounds. 
©McCracken & Worthington

For instance, in the Celtic Lenormand it is possible to read the Woman and the Lady cards in a single spread as indicating different aspects of the querent or their life.  The Woman might speak more to the area of crafts and hobbies, or home concerns, while the Lady might speak more to work or spiritual questions.  However, I have had readings where the two came up and indicated two different women - context is vital here.  With practice, and based on the situation being explored, you will see when to read the cards in these different ways.

Another example might be the Cat and the Dog appearing in a single reading.  This happened in a reading for Derek, who was asking about a new friendship.  We drew the Man, the Dog, and the Cat.  Derek associated the Man to himself in his social life, as in his work life he is a high level executive and associates more to the Lord.  Socially, he had recently made a new friend.  The first sentence that came to me was “Loyalty begets loyalty.”  Exploring deeper, we saw that if he was loyal (Man, Dog) to his new friend, then the friend would prove a steadfast support, without being a yes-man (Dog, Cat), as so many of Derek’s work colleagues seemed to be.  This friend, coming from outside that world, had an independent nature, and would treat Derek according to how he was treated in return, rather than caring about Derek’s status, or ability to affect the friend’s career.

I'd love to hear what your experiences have been reading with decks that have duplicates and extra cards.  And if you have any questions you've been wondering about, please feel free to email me at info (at)


  1. My experience is that I take the extra cards and tuck them in the back of the box behind the LWB and don't use them. ;) But it's interesting to see how Lenormand is evolving. I do look forward to this deck--I wonder when it will finally come out!!

    1. Ha ha, yes, I remember that from the Melissa Lenormand I bought from you! As for this deck, I haven't been given a date yet. I will definitely announce when I have one! :)


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