Wednesday, 21 August 2013


This is the first post about some questions I have been asked a lot. Some are general to the Lenormand system, others are more specific to the Celtic Lenormand. I hope you find the answers useful.

The cards just tell me what I already know!  Am I doing something wrong?

This is a question I have heard many times, it seems especially with practical Lenormand readings.  My belief is that, when this happens, the cards aren’t just being contrary.  Rather, we simply need to dig a little deeper to find the useful aspect of the reading.

Christine came to me and asked, among other things, about an up-coming visit from her mother.  We drew House, Ship and Bear.  At first sight, it seems as though the cards are simply reporting “Travelling (Ship) to your home (House), is a motherly woman (Bear)”.

On looking deeper, though, we came up with: “Nostalgia (Ship) for family (House) is brought up by your mother (Bear).”  And Christine could acknowledge that she gets along well with her mother, and that visits often give her a sense of security like she felt when she was a child.  Already, owning these emotions changed her perspective on the visit.

Still, I suggested another interpretation: “A dream (Ship) home (House) connected with your mother (Bear).”  At this, Christine remembered that there had been some talk in the past of finding a holiday home that they could all go to together, and determined to start looking into it again, and suggest it to her mother, who would enjoy the time with the grandchildren, too.

So, what seemed at first to just be a re-stating of the facts actually had other messages in it that were useful and empowering to Christine.  If you look deeper, you will often find this to be true.


  1. This was an excellent read. I love that you went deeper and when images can dip into the unconscious and bring thoughts into our awareness. Wouldn't that be just the best if they did find a holiday home for the family - all from 3 little cards and your insights! Bravo Chloe

    1. Thanks, Maggie! That's what I love about face-to-face readings, they can be more of a conversation, and go deeper :)


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