Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Making Of: The Cat

©C. McCracken & W. Worthington
Last Wednesday, I showed this sketch for the Cat in the Celtic Lenormand.  Adding a Cat card to Lenormand decks is a very recent phenomenon, yet one which has quickly become quite popular.  Perhaps unsurprising if you consider how many cat-inspired tarot decks there are out there.  However, popularity alone is not the reason why I decided to add a Cat card to the Celtic Lenormand deck. 

Firstly, with its pagan theme, it felt only right and proper to add in this most traditional of familiars.  As such, the Cat card in a reading can be taken as a friend or loyalty; as an actual cat; or as any kind of familiar. In fact, it could be seen as any creature or object that helps provide support in magical workings or more mundane pursuits.

Secondly, for me there is a very clear difference between a Dog and a Cat.  Both can be dear friends, both can be loyal, both can support us.  And yet, a dog's loyalty is more unquestioning, and can fall into sycophancy and dependence. 

©C. McCracken & W. Worthington
A cat, on the other hand, is loyal, but won't lie to please you, nor accept what you say or do without question.  As such, a Cat friend or colleague, while still having your best interests at heart, will use their intelligence to try to find the best way forward.  They will stay independent, and encourage you to do the same.  They will be there as a shoulder to cry on, but once the tears have dried they will prod you to find a more lasting solution.

As for the card itself, Will based the painting of the Cat on his own feline friend.  This cat is a little chunkier, with thicker tail and fur, a little less domesticated than a modern puss.  I placed it in a flower-filled meadow, enjoying the sunshine, because cats are good at finding the joy in life, and bringing a smile to our faces, too.


  1. Will there still be a dog in the deck?

    1. Oh, yes, sorry, I did show it in an earlier post (in b-&-w). And next week's "Making of" will look at the Dog, just for balance ;)


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