Sunday, 7 April 2013


©C. McCracken & W. Worthington
In a previous post, I talked about the two different Woman/Lady cards that are to be found in the Celtic Lenormand deck.  The same is true for the Man/Lord cards, which likewise can be used for same sex readings, or to give the querent a choice of which card resonates more with them.  They can also be read somewhat differently: what associations do you have to an opulently dressed warlord, as opposed to a gentle-looking man carrying a farm tool?

Having asked for the Lord and Lady/Man and Woman to be painted as though looking at one another across the doorways of their respective homes, one of the delightful touches which Will Worthington came up with was to actually paint each couple as a single image!  So, when placed together (and I'm hoping the deck will be printed borderless), it will be obvious that the two are in the same place, that they are two halves of a whole.  Whether that is taken in terms of a relationship, or in terms of the masculine and feminine sides of our personality will depend on the reading.  And of course, the cards could still fall so that they are back to back... 

©C. McCracken & W. Worthington
The directionality of the cards is an interesting question in the world of Lenormand.  Different people give importance to the directionality of some cards, but not of others.  For example, while the system I follow gives importance to which way the blade of the Scythe is pointing, it doesn't examine which way the Rider is looking, just the position of the card in relation to the question.  Some people interpret the direction in which the Court cards face in the playing card inserts, while others ignore it, and many decks don't have playing card inserts, nor any reference to them at all.  The Celtic Lenormand will be a halfway house between those two approaches to the Court cards, but that's a story for another day...


  1. Great idea! I love this. LOVE.

  2. Hi Chloe,

    I love this idea too, however one thing I noticed. If you were to use the deck for same-sex readings (i.e. for gay or lesbian couples) I think it would be a better idea to change the position of where the man and woman stands on each card (on one of the images the man should stand on the right and the woman on the left and the other image could have the man on the left and the woman on the right) in this way you could have both men and women facing each other when they are standing next to each other. Not only this would make it more gender-balanced but it would also enable them to have a more intimate 'relationship' in a Grand Tableau.

    1. Hi Tibor,

      I thought about that when I saw these images, and it was already too late to change :/ On the other hand, it does also mean that, if you use the Significator's direction of gaze to determine past/future, at least both men or both women will be looking towards the same future... :) And an argument could be made for there being additional information about the relationship in who is in front and who behind... who is chasing and who is letting the other chase them ;)


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