Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hill Fort or Tower

©Chloe McCracken & Will Worthington
When designing this deck, there were a few cards which caused me to pause.  They were ones where the Celts had no equivalent to the object named on the card.  One of those is the Tower.

After a bit of research, I decided that a Hill Fort would do the job.  Like the Tower, it has implications of hierarchy (villagers and non-villagers, villagers and chieftains, villagers and warriors), and institutions (which goes alongside the hierarchy aspect).  It also suggests protection (a hill fort was equipped to withstand attacks), isolation (the barricades can lock us in, as well as shutting others out), and perspective (being on a hill!).  Even the notion of education could, perhaps, be read into it, as in the Hill Fort people would probably have united in educating their children, as well as in training the warriors.

I love what Will has done with this card - the path winding upward giving a sense of size and awe, the earthworks before you even get to the palisades, the imposing gate!  And then the roundhouses tucked away inside, smaller cogs within the gears of the Hill Fort... 

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