Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Great Oak

©McCracken & Worthington

I adore trees: they give me such a sense of connection with the land, and with the past.  A big, old oak like this one would be hundreds of years old!  And yet, it still connects with the future, too, through its acorns.  So, for me, the association of this card with duration and growth (following Treppner) rings true.  Other associations are with health, and with feeling a sense of connection with place - having put down your roots, so to speak.  At a more spiritual level, the tree is a way to connect with other dimensions, as recognised in many traditions.  Some writers also associate it with karma, though I don't see that myself.

What do you associate with the Tree?


  1. In Lenormand, I associate a tree with the slow passage of time. That's pretty much it.

    1. Fair enough :) Most people agree it's good to stick to just one or two associations. Mine is growth, but growth also has a time element - slow and steady :)


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