Tuesday, 27 November 2012


©Chloe McCracken & Will Worthington
In the Lenormand tradition, the Birds card is one where there is some discrepancy in imagery.  Often, we see songbirds like those here.  Other times, though, the birds are owls, which for me have a very different feel to them, despite the keywords being the same.  In the Celtic Lenormand, I take this a step further, and there is a third Birds card, can you guess which bird it might be?

So, how to interpret this card?  The connection to the element of air is clear, and seems to affect how the card is seen.  Some people associate it with things that are exciting or which make us nervous - getting us all aflutter, so to speak.  Many people connect the Birds with verbal communication and chatter or gossip.  They can also be seen as thoughts, those strange things which flit here and there unless we calm them by finding our own inner wisdom. 

That wisdom is something I associate more with owls than with these colourful songbirds.  Still, each interpretation is possible, depending on which keywords you choose for the card.  And if you want a broader spread of options, you can include all three bird cards, for different perspectives on thought and communication.


  1. Very pretty card. :) I can't guess what the other Birds card is...shall we wait and be surprised? :D

    1. There were a few guesses on Facebook: crows, ravens. Nice ideas (and one's I'd thought of), but not the right answer... ;)

  2. This is a lovely card. Maybe I like it more because I have two budgies at the moment, who make a right racket all day. Looking forward to the coloured version.

    Are you including two more bird cards in the deck? I can't think of what the third bird would be either. I was thinking of love birds or eagles.

    1. How did I miss this?! Yes, I thought of you and your budgies - hope they've settled with each other.

      Hmm, interesting ideas. No-one has guessed them both right, though. The second one is owls, but the third... I think people will have to wait for the deck to find out ;)


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