Thursday, 8 November 2012


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The sixth card in the Lenormand deck is sometimes seen as negative - Clouds.  It warns of foggy thinking, confusion, ambiguity, or even bad weather ;)  It's one of the few cards where many readers are influenced by the actual imagery - which side of the Clouds is dark and which is light...

This deck is set in Celtic Brittany, and so we have clouds over the sea and a rocky shore.  The image is still hopefully clear for those who choose to read this according to traditional Lenormand notions.  And for those who want to add in pagan ideas, we have here a combination of water, earth and air.  Our thoughts obscure our emotions, sometimes even from ourselves.  And how practical are our thoughts?  Should they even be, if the question is one of love?

With this, I don't mean to change the basic meaning of the card, simply to add nuances to a reading if wanted.  As with all things, you can take or leave it :)

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